1. xaerospace's Avatar
    Hey guys

    So my droid is having txt message issues. It wont send them. Just fails. Then I have to reboot the phone and it works for a while, then fails again.

    Anyone have anything like this?? it is rooted with 2.3.6 and I am thinking of flashing it back to factory, but wanted to see if there is anything i could do before that.

    05-12-2012 06:40 PM
  2. shobuddy's Avatar
    Happens to me with picture messaging. Reboot usually, but not always, resolves it.
    05-16-2012 11:19 AM
  3. Burchamj's Avatar
    happens to me sometimes to, im stock, unrooted(for now)
    05-16-2012 12:43 PM
  4. Mecam77's Avatar
    How did you root? Having problems getting one click to work

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    05-16-2012 04:48 PM
  5. xaerospace's Avatar
    It appears my problems were related to the signal in the building I was working in. Even though I had full bars on 3g, it wasn't completely a full signal. It would drop to nothing randomly. Oh well.

    As for how I rooted, I used a 2.3.6 build from one of the droid sites. I flashed the phone and then uninstalling all the bloatware. Some reading HOW TO: Flash ROMs with Odin3 v1.82, tailored to GB 2.3.4 - xda-developers
    05-19-2012 06:40 PM