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    Everyone else's no problem. Very frustrating. I have to search for her name and start a new message every time I send her a text.
    I'm not receiving some of hers. But when I compose a new message to her . . . Then I see all of her previous texts.
    Stock, not rooted.
    Using Handcent (never had issues until the last few weeks) I've uninstalled and re-installed it.
    Using Dejay contacts.
    We both use VZ. But her cell phone is a Samsung with no data plan other than texting.
    Same Issue only with her texts even if I go back to the Charges stock text and contact programs.
    It's like the system was hiding her texts like she was my girlfriend and I was trying to keep her texts hidden. They are there but I can't view them until I compose a new message to her cell.
    Thx for any help with this issue. I've tried to isolate it with no luck yet.
    05-22-2012 12:12 AM