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    I currently have the droid charge, and have been happy with it until now. First I have installed the GO themes and launcher and the GO text messenger app. Here are my issues that have just became a problem:
    *wallpaper zooms way to far in( w/ or w/out the go launcher)
    * text messages are either never recieved or never sent even though me or the other peraon sent the message and is shown on the others or my phone.
    *has become much slower
    Anyone else with these problems? My phone isnt rooted or anything fancy like that. All i have is the GO launcher with a theme but even with the normal launcher and messenger these problems stil occur. Also do any of you recommend installing a task manager/killer to help with battery liFe? I have one of the GO ones but i dont think it helps really...
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    05-23-2012 11:05 PM
  2. piizzadude's Avatar
    The wallpaper that you are using may not be sized correctly for your device OR when you are setting the wallpaper you get the option to crop bigger ones. You may be cropping too closely.

    Not sure what you are saying about the texts, but I read an issue about it before when i had my Charge, i will try to find it for you, but a search on your part might yeild the results faster. It was either on here or on XDA.

    The slower part happens over time. i would suggest Rooting, getting titanium backup and backing things up, then do a factory reset. After that do a restore. That should help. Some times launchers are the culprit too...I do not know how GO really works so I can only speculate on them.

    DO NOT INSTALL A TASK MANAGER. There has been a ton of things written on why you do not need it and why it is bad to have since GB was released.
    05-23-2012 11:13 PM