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    I know many are running from the Charge, but many, like me, are stuck. So I am trying to make the best of it as the Charge can be a really great phone with the right software. So I make better your Charge videos ---

    In this episode you'll see how to take high quality pictures with your Charge and the regular app. Some people are disappointment in the performance of their phone...this will help you bring out the most in your phone.

    Link fixed, sorry the vid moved to a feature and it broke the link.

    And as many of you have found I have many videos on rooting and ROMs. I am looking to make some more. Below is a list. Let me know what you think...


    Some future Android videos -

    Turn your old Android phones into a home security system.

    Use your phone to track your lost or stolen electronics.

    Tie your family in via Android tracking to stay safe.

    ROM the Droid Charge with Tweaked! - because it rocks!

    Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for watching!
    06-20-2012 11:51 PM
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    I tried to watch the video, but the link is not working.

    I am moving to the Galaxy S3, but I think the Charge gets a bit of a bad rap. I think it is a pretty good phone. It's crazy to think I paid more for the Charge (I bought it the first day it was available) than for the Galaxy S3!
    06-21-2012 05:37 AM
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    Thanks for that on the link. The "link code" doubled in the cut and past for some reason. It should be fixed up now.

    As for the S3, yeah that is nuts. I have been waiting for a phone like this again. I really like the Charge and yes everyone under rated it mostly because the software setup was crap. But with the right ROM this thing flies.

    I will not be giving up supporting the Droid Charge and plan to finish archiving my site both with videos and written "how to" because I know many cannot leave this phone. But I will be buying an S3 also. This S3 will be a game changer especially since the control Samsung has over it and that almost every carrier around the world can use it vs just a couple with the Charge.

    Thanks again for the link info,

    06-21-2012 09:03 AM
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    I too own my original Droid Charge and it is still a good phone. if it had a gig of ram I would keep using it as well.. but it struggles with 512k at times.. Run the Eclipse Rom by Nitro33.. beautiful color scheme and with Go Launcher Ex it really flies! you can find it @ eclipserom.com..
    But in 90 days give or take it looks like I am going with the G-Note 2. I know a lot of us got this phone in May-July of last year to lock in our unlimited data by July 7th since the Bionic was having battery issues running on VZW LTE 4G and got delayed until September. I don't feel too bad about buying the Charge because the Bionic only stayed on top for 3 weeks before the Galaxy Nexus & Razr rumors made it basically obsolete out of the gate...

    In closing, It's good to know the Charge still has some support.. I know Nitro33 says he will still work with it a little as well.. But without Samsung releasing the R.I.L. code it will never see ICS..
    Too bad because our 4.3" SuperAmoled+ screens are still among the top 3 screens in the world.. and the A8 Processor and SGX 540 GPU ain't too shabby either.. in fact, its the same GPU they put in the Galaxy Nexus.....

    07-01-2012 02:45 PM
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    My plan is to buy the Galaxy S3 at full price as my upgrade is really far away. I believe this to be the biggest and most support phone for the next year to two as it is on every carrier around the world almost. Plus it is just about the most powerful phone out there.

    I do agree that the Charge was just about the best phone when it came out. To bad it has not gotten the support needed from Samsung and Verizon. I will continue to provide support for the Charge as long as I can.

    07-01-2012 03:22 PM

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