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    This issue began last night and is driving me nuts. When I select to power off, it shuts down and then automatically restarts. I have swapped out three batteries. I powered down and pulled the battery, waited 15 seconds, and put the battery back in and it was already powering up before I even snapped the back of the case on.

    Also my desktop charger dock is no longer activating the dock menu. The screen shuts off as if it is not plugged into the dock at all. I suspect the issues are related as they started at the same time.

    I use Go Launcher EX which updated a few days ago, and wondered if this might be causing it. I disabled go launcher and switched it over to TWLauncher and got the same result. The phone will NOT stay powered off.

    Any ideas? I really need to use my desktop dock as I monitor things on the phone at my desk, and the idea that it suddenly won't shut off and stay off makes me wonder if there is a bigger issue going on.
    08-06-2012 12:11 PM
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    I uninstalled Go Launcher this evening and all of its go along programs. The phone still will not recognize the dock and goes right into usb mode, and continues to power itself back on, even when I pull the battery and replace it. I am lost without my docking ability

    I SO hate this POS. This is my second Charge and its started dropping signal like the last one did. What is it with this phone model?
    08-06-2012 07:28 PM
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    So today I did a factory reset. Three times. End result, I finally called Verizon and they are sending me yet another replacement phone. Still no idea what caused it. Phone hasn't been dropped or banged up, hasn't been wet (no water damage on indicator stickers) and I am really careful when I put it on the charger. The Verizon rep stated they had not heard of this problem before. So maybe its just a fluke and the new replacement will fix it. Finger crossed.
    08-07-2012 06:36 PM
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    I had exactly the same issues a couple of days ago. Wondered if there was an update that came down that I was unaware of. I pulled the battery and left it out overnight after trying everything you did. After 12 hours of no power, I reinserted the battery and all is good again. I can't tell you why. It defies explanation. But it works.
    08-09-2012 10:05 AM
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    Same problem here. I removed Brightness Level app and the problem has gone away. Shuts down correctly now and stays off.

    08-25-2012 07:10 AM
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    I found a solution! After researching for hours i finally figured it out on my own. Go into applications-->settings-->dock settings-->auto launch->never then click ok and restart. Apparently having the dock settings on "always" triggers a restart for some reason when you hit power off. This fixed the problem for me. Thought I'd share.

    have a great day!

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    10-10-2012 02:32 PM