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    Hope I'm not making anyone repeat themselves but there's a lot of stuff on here cuz you guys are awesome :-)
    needless to say I'm a newbie at rooting I have a very basic idea of what I just did to achieve root....(I had to return to stock because a buddy rooted and after about 3 months things went way too haywire for me to leave it that way) needless to say I have installed busy box, seems to be working but the rom toolbox I had before is not in my apps in the market... and the lite version won't let me freeze apps which is really the only thing left to fix... I tried a few others but they lack in the enormity of this particular toolbox... any suggestions or was it possible that I somehow had the full version without paying for it? Any suggestions would be super appreciated I'm really just looking to be able to back up freeze and just customize my phone as easy as it was through that toolbox without purchasing it. Thaaank you in advance!

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    08-14-2012 05:02 PM