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    I've had a Samsung Droid Charge for nearly 2 years now. There's been a few problems related to falls, but my phone didn't fall whatsoever before this happened...it literally happened overnight while charging. I plugged it in, woke up, and my battery was sitting at 85%; I've never had a problem before that for it to reach 100% plugged in for that long. Since then it hasn't registered being plugged in in any respect. Phone died. I ended up digging out my wireless charger for it I had discarded about a month ago due to an annoyance in not being able to keep a steady charge (beeping at me every 15-30 seconds, most likely due to a fall). Ironically I haven't had the same problem with the wireless charger yet, but it is the only way my phone will charge.

    Any ideas why? I'm leaning towards hardware but realize the battery may be at fault. I just can't see why the battery would show any preference as to how it charges.

    On a side note, also most likely due to a fall, my gps can't seem to get an accurate read on me. I've heard I might be able to fix it by tightening a screw or two on the gps but haven't gotten around to opening up my phone. It long ago lost it's warranty.
    02-10-2013 03:22 PM
  2. paulwall8742's Avatar
    im having the same issue. i just made a thread about it. didnt see this one. but ive had my phone since Christmas 2011. and havent had too many problems except for crashes and reboots occassionaly. but for the last month or so mine wont recharge correctly either. it will say 'battery full' but when i unplug it it will drop down to 77% or even around half charged. it wont even tell me USB or AC charging anymore just that it is CHARGING. in Battery Use its telling me ive been on battery use for over 5 days...when i know ive had it plugged in several times in the last 5 days.... only way to get a decent charge is i have to go out and turn the car battery on and let my phone charge from the car charger. and even then it just says CHARGING AND NOT USB/AC CHARGING and keeps telling me in battery use ive still been running straight battery and not had it plugged in.
    02-13-2013 12:39 PM
  3. Chimpoid's Avatar
    I had a bad battery -- It would drain down to half, then suddenly shut down from lack of power. Got a new battery over Amazon.
    04-15-2013 01:17 PM
  4. Chimpoid's Avatar
    So I'm up to my 3rd charging problem.

    1. Bad battery, as I mentioned above.

    2. Charger that came with it went bad -- the wire where it meets with the plug you plug into the phone (not the one that's part of the phone, the dongle on the end of the wire) went bad, you could wiggle it where the wire met the dongle and it would intermittently connect.

    3. Plug itself in the phone has gone bad -- you have to tilt the connector up a bit to get it to intermittently connnect. I have tried 3 different cables (the new one from #2 above, another new one at work, and a colleague's at work) and all 3 have the same problem, so it's the phone not the cable.

    The 3rd is insidious because it will think it's charging (the battery fill fills over and over) but it may or may not be actually charging. From other charging problem descriptions, it seems like this is what's causing other "it takes forever" charging problems.

    Worse, I can't charge it overnight because if it slips from charging to fake-charging (fill keeps filling but it isn't charging) this actually drains the phone pretty quickly -- battery power is probably going the wrong way back down the wire to the transformer.

    05-09-2013 02:58 PM

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