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    for the past month or so ive been having issues with the droid charge battery wanting to charge up correctly. if i use the cheap o walmart universal car charger I have it works just fine. its only over night or if im at home and try to use the wall charger I have (which is where I do most of my charging from) *note: I lost the default charger that came with the phone some time ago, so have been using an old charger I have that has the same adapter end that is capatiable with the droid charge.*

    when I try to charge it at home it will tell me the battery is fully charged and display the full battery icon...but when i unplug it from the charger it will switch to only saying I have half of a battery. and when the phone is charging it no longer tells me if its USB charging or AC charging it just says CHARGING. And another problem ive noticed is in BATTERY USE its telling me ive been on Battery Power for over 5 days...when I know thats a lie ive had it on the charger several times. its not registering it was ever put on a charger.

    ive had this phone since Dec. 2011 when it was fairly new at coming out....and ive not had too many problems with it except now with the charging...i know its an older phone now but I still really enjoy my CHARGE...and Im not elligible for an upgrade until July.

    I dunno if its my phone, the battery trying to go bad or the Charger is a POS....

    my g/f has an old Droid X and we share the same wall charger at home...in fact she takes it to work with her and charges her phone while at work and says it works perfectly fine on her phone that its just my phone that is messed up and that I have damaged my port. though Ive looked at it looks perfectly fine to me..no different then when I first got the phone... so I dunno....

    anyone else who still has/had a droid charge from Samsung/Verizion have/had any trouble with their phones not charging correctly and sending the phone false full battery signals? and how should I go about fixing it? or should I just try and deal and hope I keep it working thru July til I can upgrade to a new phone?
    02-13-2013 12:30 PM
  2. Chimpoid's Avatar
    I am having a problem with the charge socket not connecting properly. A few months ago, the charge cable that came with it started going bad -- the wire leading into the connector was losing connection -- I could wiggle the wire and it would reconnect. I had a second cable from Amazon (so I could leave it at work) and that one still worked fine.

    However, last week both my work and home cable (also from Amazon) started failing to charge. This time it is the connector on the side of the phone itself. I have to plug the charger in to the phone and kind of pull it up with the wire and wrap it around the phone so it stays tilted up a bit.

    Needless to say this process is getting more difficult, so I will have to take it in for a repair. I am paying for that infinite coverage, so I will be pissed if they charge me.

    The worst part about this is the charging battery fill animation works, but you can only tell if you have wiggled/tilted the connector enough by waiting some time to see if the charge is actually going up.

    With connector in:

    1. No fill = no connection
    2. Fill animation = maybe connection

    Also, I want to preserve my contacts. Do they do that automatically by backups to Verizon servers?
    04-15-2013 01:20 PM

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