1. dyslexicbunny's Avatar
    Given that this phone has no LED, I figure a good number of people might have it. I'm having two different problems with it right now.

    1) Massive battery drain. When notifications are running for any amount of time, it kills the battery. Sure, the phone's two years old but I've only recently noticed this problem.
    2) Lost texts. I'll get a text notification but then there's no new text. It's happened every now and then but I've had two in the past 15 hours or so.

    I figure it might just be with the most recent update. I was mulling uninstalling and deleting the local data and then reinstalling. But I was curious if anyone else has had these problems.
    05-16-2013 11:09 AM
  2. Paul Littlefield's Avatar
    Yes, I think I might be...

    ...although it might be CyanogenMod, WhatsApp or Google+...!

    Just put CyanogenMod CM 10.1 on my S3 Mini and I lost 65% of my battery in 4 hours.

    Not good.

    Did you find out what your problem was?

    08-18-2013 10:07 AM