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    Please read this long story and help me if you can. Sorry it's so long. Please point me to a more appropriate place/forum to ask this question if needed: So i plugged my microSD card into my laptop and ran a chkdsk /F /X on it, in an attempt to repair it because my android phone couldnt mount it anymore. So chkdsk took about 2 minutes and then finished (with no errors or questions), and immediately the card was readable by windows and gave me all those stupid options like:
    - view the files
    - import picures
    - import music.

    Like i normally do, i selected "view the files". And it looked great (yay! problem fixed at this point). The card was full of folders for my apps and other android stuff. But....I wished i had selected the option to "import pictures". So i pulled the card out and plugged it back in. Bad idea! Windows now cant read the card. It was behaving like it was before i ran the chkdsk. So i ran chkdsk again. This time it asked me this question: "/kindle folder not recognized. Do you want to convert this folder into a file? (Y|N) "
    I answered 'N'. Bad idea!!! Apparently that deletes all files from the filesystem without telling you? It made it seem like it was running a normal chkdsk (like the one above) so I let it run for like 2 minutes. Apparently it was busy deleting everything? I tried the chkdsk again, and now it won't even run at all. It just hangs there on "0 percent complete". So everything is deleted apparently? Please tell me this is not true. Please tell me I am just misunderstanding something and that there is a way to get it back to where I had it (when i successfully ran chkdsk the first time). I know I could use a recovery program to recover my files and then just reformat the card. I really don't want to do that though. I just want to fix the card and get it back into my phone as it was. It worked once. Why won't it work again? Please help!
    11-09-2013 10:20 PM

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