1. tgbyhnujm's Avatar

    Our city now has the new XLTE 4G service. Today both of our i510 Charge phones were getting 20 to 34 MB downloads and 10 to 17 MB uploads so I guess the Droid Charge i510 can use the faster XLTE service. The speed difference was probably caused by the amount of traffic throughout the day.

    Also, my new Verizon Pantech UML 295 modem is getting the XTE speeds. Verizon said the this device is compatible with XLTE.

    BTW, currently Verizon is giving this modem away FREE. All you have to pay is the sales tax so my total cost was only $16.20 because it replaced my older Pantech UML 290 for which I already was paying the $20 monthly use fee.

    03-03-2015 09:21 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! Nice to see that older devices aren't being left behind.
    03-03-2015 12:19 PM

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