05-23-2011 04:29 PM
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  1. 0pusX's Avatar
    @DroidLanding twitter account is active again. This time they are giving away 16 Droid Charges.

    Check out http://www.chargelanding.com to get rules and a description of the game.

    Here are the first 3 tweets from @droidlanding

    1: Reactivation protocols initiated. DSC operational. System test complete. Field agents await instructions. @droidlanding

    2: DroidLanding Online. Systems Alpha Go. Confidence is high. Visit chargelanding.com #chargelanding

    3: Strange anomalies occurring across the U.S. Source unknown. DroidLanding update complete: Launching #chargelanding

    Lets get this thread going and keep all the clues in here. It was a blast last time with the Droid X and Droid R2-D2 SE
    04-21-2011 03:31 PM
  2. The_Engine's Avatar
    I did it via the website and it spit out some odd code and then you can tweet that.

    My code was 0.518 + 0.546i.

    Don't look like long and lat as in the x contest.
    04-21-2011 04:28 PM
  3. tanderson's Avatar
    Thats about what I got. Was hoping for some more guesses on what they mean.

    Aren't gps. That would be too easy after all.
    04-21-2011 08:06 PM
  4. S.Meezy's Avatar
    nobody seems 2 excited abt this one... lol
    04-21-2011 10:31 PM
  5. bfall17's Avatar
    nobody seems 2 excited abt this one... lol
    I would be excited, but i have absolutley no idea what these numbers mean

    0.151 + 0.893i was my first one
    04-21-2011 11:39 PM
  6. rugbyua9's Avatar
    They give you a magnitude i think. If you use imaginary numbers and some solving, you can form a vector.... just don't know where to go from there.
    04-22-2011 01:56 PM
  7. BobR's Avatar
    I was wondering if they might be basing it off their estimate of your location. Maybe it's the vector indicating the direction of the phones based on your current location when doing the scan? Note that if you scan multiple times, you get multiple vectors. Probably representing different locations of the 16 phones across the US in 4 zones.
    04-22-2011 02:03 PM
  8. maxx_daddy's Avatar
    Ok, so i was in on the R2D2, but not the X.
    Where were the X's hid, mostly public places? Parking lots? I tried the codes i got last night and used my GPS coordinates from my house (got through Google Maps). I then subtracted or added the numbers to my GPS coordinates and got a new "coordinate". 3 or 4 were very close to one another in Michigan, and a couple were close in Wisconsin. The contest rules said 4 hours. I can't imagine this is super hard to figure out if you only have 4 hours until they take off.
    04-22-2011 03:33 PM
  9. 0pusX's Avatar
    With the X's they were certificates that were placed in public places, but they were hidden (under a bench, under a seat etc)
    04-22-2011 03:42 PM
  10. 0pusX's Avatar
    4) Field agents reporting in from all sectors. Analysis underway. Initial results posted in 24 hours. Keep scanning. #chargelanding

    5) How do you find a Droid Charge hidden in your area? Report to chargelanding for rules and regulations. #chargelanding

    6) Video evidence of strange phenomena. Is Droid Charge responsible? Join the investigation. #chargelanding

    7) All those willing to track Droid Charge upgraded to field agent status. Report to chargelanding for instructions. #chargelanding.

    8) Field agent orders initiated. Step 1: Connect to the tracking system at www.chargelanding.com #chargelanding

    9) Field agent orders step 2: Scan your area each day to help locate hidden Droid Charge devices and to enter sweeps. #chargelanding

    10) Field agent orders step 3: Report your Droid Charge scans on Twitter and Facebook using the tracking system. #chargelanding

    11) Field agent orders step 4: Return to www.chargelanding.com every day to monitor tracking progress.#chargelanding

    12) Field agent orders step 5: Zero in on the device in your area. Be the first at the location, find it and it’s yours. #chargelanding
    04-22-2011 03:46 PM
  11. DroidyMcDroid's Avatar
    i did the scan maybe 5 or 6 times from the same spot i was standing in just to see what happens to the numbers and they kept going up. my numbers started really low at like 0.7 somethnig and -0.9i something and then got all the way up to the thousands like 6 thousand something and 1 thousand something i. now it says i can't scan anymore today. well this contest was interested for about 30 seconds!
    04-22-2011 06:23 PM
  12. DroidXcon's Avatar
    After the Headaches i got from the R2D2 contest i am not even going to bother lol
    04-22-2011 06:25 PM
  13. maxx_daddy's Avatar
    Confirming the numbers go up. Should see if there is a pattern. Driving to stupid Iowa for stupid easter...... with a teething baby.
    04-22-2011 06:41 PM
  14. w00tw00twhat's Avatar
    I think the whole idea is cool but not for this phone. Its not a highly anticipated phone at all, if anything most people dont even want to look at the thing, cept for the few of us here who already are going to buy it anyways. I already have $450 set aside for this phone so im not really interested in this whole thing. But it'll be cool to watch and see if someone from here can find one.
    04-22-2011 07:35 PM
  15. 0pusX's Avatar
    After the Headaches i got from the R2D2 contest i am not even going to bother lol
    The R2D2 contest was ridiculous and thats putting it mildly.

    The Droid X one was fairly simple......be in the vicinity when they announced the final GPS coordinates and get there first!!!
    04-22-2011 08:38 PM
  16. S.Meezy's Avatar
    i wish it made more sense... seems like i'm in the middle of 2 (central Jersey)... haha Could always use a new phone
    04-24-2011 10:53 PM
  17. jerseyboy357's Avatar
    Yea I clicked our area map(NJ) and then got off the map so the google map stayed in the window on the left. Then i just hovered over it and mouse rolled to zoom and it gave me 3 different areas. Some guys house, a parking lot and the woods at the side of the road. Not exactly and area I wana go if I know that area as well as I think I do,lol.
    04-24-2011 11:25 PM
  18. RichStevenson's Avatar
    Hmmm...looking at the source code of the scanner, maybe a new button will be appearing at some point?

    Attachment 8977
    04-25-2011 03:10 PM
  19. DolfanCole's Avatar
    Hmmm...looking at the source code of the scanner, maybe a new button will be appearing at some point?

    Attachment 8977
    Maybe ... if Matt will ever get off his rear end and add the code.
    04-25-2011 03:39 PM
  20. dyslexicbunny's Avatar
    Yea, I'm thoroughly confused about what I should be doing. Hell, my numbers make the tweet too long.
    04-26-2011 12:09 PM
  21. RichStevenson's Avatar
    Yea mine too. I just deleted the last line to get it to post.
    04-26-2011 12:26 PM
  22. DolfanCole's Avatar
    Looking at the source code for the page, it has the lat/lon coordinates of each point on the map. Whether they're accurate or not is another story. But, anyway, you can get them from this (I cut some of the extraneous data out):

    locationLabelShort: 'MW',
    lat: 41.8781136 ,
    lng: -87.62979819999998},

    locationLabelShort: 'NE',
    lat: 38.575246191006755,
    lng: -77.01576143503189},

    locationLabelShort: 'NE',
    lat: 40.66465056361862,
    lng: -73.9544677734375},

    locationLabelShort: 'NE',
    lat: 39.952335 ,
    lng: -75.16379},

    locationLabelShort: 'SE',
    lat: 33.7489954 ,
    lng: -84.3879824},

    locationLabelShort: 'South',
    lat: 29.722227791625237 ,
    lng: -95.372314453125},

    locationLabelShort: 'South',
    lat: 29.182402763710463,
    lng: -98.70277315378189},

    locationLabelShort: 'South',
    lat: 25.7889,
    lng: -80.22644},

    locationLabel:'NORTH EAST',
    locationLabelShort: 'NE',
    lat: 43.16577426782771,
    lng: -77.6129150390625},

    locationLabel:'MID WEST',
    locationLabelShort: 'MW',
    lat: 44.98485974153528,
    lng: -93.262939453125},

    locationLabel:'MID WEST',
    locationLabelShort: 'MW',
    lat: 42.338905351891206,
    lng: -83.045654296875},

    locationLabel:'MID WEST',
    locationLabelShort: 'MW',
    lat: 39.969385446541985,
    lng: -83.001708984375},

    locationLabelShort: 'WEST',
    lat: 33.459688105227706,
    lng: -112.0880126953125},

    locationLabelShort: 'WEST',
    lat: 32.72335022424446,
    lng: -117.158203125},

    locationLabelShort: 'WEST',
    lat: 37.34466935413098,
    lng: -121.8988037109375},

    locationLabelShort: 'WEST',
    lat: 47.60861715218444,
    lng: -122.341003417968755}
    04-26-2011 12:27 PM
  23. dyslexicbunny's Avatar
    Cool stuff. I'll check out mine when I leave early to check out mine.
    04-26-2011 12:53 PM
  24. dyslexicbunny's Avatar
    Actually, I think this is just where they are locating their maps for the image. But since mine is close to home, it won't hurt.

    Edit: and you pointed it out already. Reading comprehension failure! I am adequately prepared for finals week though I have none.
    04-26-2011 12:56 PM
  25. dixonba's Avatar
    Found the coordinates in Columbus ohio. Man. I'm not driving two hours on a whim...wish it was closer
    04-26-2011 01:07 PM
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