06-18-2011 07:37 AM
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  1. das7771's Avatar
    Agreed. I got a pack of them without paying attention to what they were. Definitely getting a different one.

    Ya I bought the three pack of the VZW screen protectors just to find out it doesn't even cover all of the glass, just the actual display...Stay away from those.
    05-18-2011 08:20 AM
  2. mark692's Avatar
    Anyone know where I can get a privacy protector for this phone from?
    05-18-2011 03:58 PM
  3. rami98's Avatar
    I handle over a dozen smart phones per day so I'll lay out what I consider a well balanced diet of info.

    I've seen gorilla glass scratched LIKE CRAZY to the point the phone's touch screen starts malfunctioning. It had never been out of the ladies purse beyond use and phone calls. She wore one diamond ring, and had a set of very nice diamond earrings.

    Gorilla glass is not invincible.

    You can run car keys over it all day with no issue, but with diamond jewelery, hand tools (like screw drivers, chisels, pocket knives, etc. anything with hardened steel) rock chips, sand, other stuff like that, will scratch the hell out of it.

    Weigh your usage and exposure to these items when considering a screen protector.
    i have a droid charge and i have my old droid x. My DROID X got a scratch the first few days i had it. i was cutting the grass on maybe the third day i got it (launch week) and i got a really deep scratch that you could run your nail over and feel just from it being in my pocket and walking around for an hour. now after almost a year of usage, i have four very visible scratches. and i dont throw my phone around that much. my droid charge has the antireflective screen protector from verizon. i really hate it and all screen protectors because it produces very visible colored dots on light colors from the screen. like viewing a white page, you see a bunch of dots that are different colors. it's almost like the pixels are being magnified. it completely ruins the screen. but that's how it has to be. They should really make diamond screens. i would buy one even if it was 2000 dollars
    06-17-2011 04:12 PM
  4. rescueswimmer's Avatar
    I did a mini review on a bodyguardz in the accessories section if you want to take a look.

    The basics. It is very nice and very slick for a screen protector. I have used Zaggs on all my touch screen stuff for years. Never had any issues other than it seemed to change the colors of the display and they were a little sticky. I have not experienced any of these with the body guardz. Hopefully they protect as well as the zaggs did.

    06-17-2011 05:44 PM
  5. redskinsnut's Avatar
    Using a screen protector is no different than using a condom. I would rather not...
    06-17-2011 10:50 PM
  6. atlantar6's Avatar
    Using a screen protector is no different than using a condom. I would rather not...
    Lol. Like not wearing a condom, you are taking your chances every time, and when you find out something bad happened its too late!
    06-18-2011 07:37 AM
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