1. dman2275's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    Came from an original Droid....picked up an iPhone to try out but I prefer android.

    Charge seems like the best Android phone out for VZ at the moment. The only thing holding me back is the lack of LED notification light. I have read mixed reviews of NoLED app. Also read about SMS pro. My question to those of you who have the Charge is what do you use for notifications?

    06-13-2011 07:21 AM
  2. Anderain's Avatar
    I have NoLED but dont use it that often. I thought I was going to hate not having a notification light but its really not that terrible...
    06-13-2011 07:26 AM
  3. ShotgunSam's Avatar
    trust me, after using the phone for a few days, you won't care about something like the LED light.

    I came from a DX so I understand the reliance. But then again, my wife told me I was being silly when I mentioned the lack thereof when I first got the DC. It would be nice to still have it, but you get used to it.
    06-13-2011 09:50 AM
  4. superstar1213's Avatar
    Personally I like the NoLED app. Works as intended... better than a blinking light ^.^
    06-13-2011 10:04 AM
  5. tradercj's Avatar
    I like NoLED a lot. It shows a different icon for each message. I can set it to keep vibrating, this is great when I don't know I missed a phone call or text. You are also able to set it to work during certain hours of the day, so it doesn't vibrate all night long.
    06-13-2011 11:04 AM
  6. rpitts9999's Avatar
    I used NOLED and it was one of the main battery drains on the phone.

    I checked the App running times and battery usage and it was always the top application. Other than that I liked it.

    Deleted it though.
    06-13-2011 11:11 AM
  7. mboverst's Avatar
    I like having no led notification. Gone are the days of seeing phantom blinking out of the corner of my eye and constantly checking my phone. I think I've become a healthier person (mentally) without having it!
    06-13-2011 12:58 PM
  8. expidia's Avatar
    Got the charge yesterday. Downloaded Noled.

    I see so far that it only works for missed calls, voice mail, texts and Gmail.

    Is there a way to add my yahoo account without having to pay an extra fee to use yahoo's premium service to forward yahoo emails over to gmail so I can be alerted that I have an email in my yahoo account?
    06-15-2011 08:04 AM
  9. expidia's Avatar
    No responses, hmmmm
    Oh well, spoke with a VZ rep yesterday on a VZ back up issue and she uses NoLED on her Droid device. She said it "does" alert you to other incoming email sources even though NoLed's site page only lists Gmail.

    She said you have to Mickey Mouse around with placing check marks on some of the NoLed settings to get it to work.

    Fooled around with it last night and now it's great. Alerts me to a tiny envelope that moves around on the black locked screen. Now show me either a Gmail or Yahoo envelope (or missed calls, SMS, voice mail etc). These floating envelopes can be changed to small colored dots to save the battery but for now I'm using them because they look really cool over the dots.

    First page: switch NoLED on: check mark

    Under Toggle notifications page:
    SMS/MMS check
    Missed calls check
    Charging indicator check, this floats the charge percentage around.
    Note: under the toggles page you also need to tell it which apps to monitor so next you need to
    press and holding monitored apps for several seconds and then release it. It scans and lists "all" the apps on your device.
    then check off: Apps, email, gmail, messaging, voicemail . . .
    Since Yahoo mail is actually an "app" you need to check off "apps" I think this is why I couldn't get it to notify me on the locked screen until I checked this off.

    Under Icons page:
    SMS/MMS check
    Missed calls check
    other icons check
    Gmail check

    Under battery saving feature page:
    for now I have (these might have already been checked by default)
    Disable touch screen check
    Dismiss with proximity check
    Proximity sensor check

    I can't judge what effect any of the above instructions for which settings to check off will have on battery life yet, because I'm constantly playing around with the device learning how to use various programs.
    At least everything I need to be alerted with when the device is off now works.

    From what I've read in threads supposedly the Charge's new screen design does not drain battery down all that much because of using NoLed.
    But if one installs too many programs early how do you know which program is a battery drainer. So I add programs slowly with any new device.

    Coming from the BB Bold which had LED notification on the top of the device NoLED is a lifesaver at least for me for now even though I might be able to wean myself away from flashing alerts in the future. If I walk away from my desk with the phone sitting there it was annoying to have to unlock the device just to check if any alerts came in . . . every time. That's probably more of a battery drain over using NoLed (I hope).

    I was always annoyed with the BB's brightly flashing LED anyway and suffered with it as I did not want to add yet another utility program to control it.

    I like NoLed and if it turns out not be a battery drainer this will be great I'll even donate to the company because I appreciate a company that writes software that fills a void where Samsung chooses to not build into the device an option to toggle an LED on or off.
    Pretty dumb marketing in my opinion, because having no LED notification is a deal breaker for many coming over from a BB device. what is Samsung thinking???

    So far IMO. . . this no LED shortcoming of the Charge is now solved using NoLED (and it's actually better than having a basic flashing LED).
    I'll report back in a few weeks after I monitor battery drain over not using NoLed after I use it for awhile enabled and then unenabled.

    Update: I had to restore device due to a gmail not pushing email so I had to redo several installed programs and made some changes to the above instructions because it did not work right away until I tweaked the settings around again. I made those changes above.

    The last step (and if you miss this it gets frustrating because you "did not enable" it yet . . . Is to either restart device or BETTER YET do this: on your home page press and hold in any blank area and "add to home screen opens" press Widgets and scroll down to no NoLed. Press that one and it adds an "on and off" enabler icon that shows you lit up dots when it's enabled (these dots are the same ones you can choose instead of the floating envelopes to save on the battery). But I was so frustrated when tweaking around, because I had it "not enabled" several times as I re-tried different check marks.
    I did not know what a Widget was, so I originally had the NoLed icon on my home screen instead of their actual "widget"

    Lastly, I came across this web site where the programs developer has like 250 threads. If you have problems you can post and ask him directly for help.
    Seems it was originally developed for the Galaxy. If this program works for you then "Donate". Because if this does not drain the battery, it's really worth giving him some $.

    Check out his threads for answers to questions: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...30692&page=263

    P.S. I have no relationship to this program. But coming from BB's flashing LED I find this a great program (so far).

    If anyone registers on that site to ask him a question . . . also please ask him what may be Samsung's reasoning as to why they would ever develop devices without an LED type notifications???

    And please post back here if anyone knows why! I've seen responses where posters here have said they like it with no LED. I just paid $300 for this device, Samsung could have at least given us an option to turn an LED off or on . . . couldn't they
    06-16-2011 07:03 AM