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    referenceError:gp is not defined

    That error comes up each time now when I open the browser past 2 days.
    I didn't want to try and delete Google and re-install for fear of losing all booked marked links I have set up already.

    If I click on OK it goes away until I close browser and re-open it again . . . then it's Baaaaack.

    I don't want have top call VZ's support because that will waste a few hours while they learn on my dime. I love when they say: absolutely I can help you with (and they repeat your issue) back to you and then you can year them flipping pages in the back round. After an hour of trying they tell you to take the battery out and put it back.

    So if any one knows what this error message means I'd appreciate it!

    And things were going so well for me with this transition from a BB. . . rut row!

    06-20-2011 05:46 PM