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    It just locked up on me again tonight, so I Googled this phrase "Droid Charge camera locks" and it came up with this thread in another forum here. Glad I read this thread too, because I was doing battery pulls with each lock up to get it working again!

    Since I don't browse the other device forums I thought I'd re-post this camera lock up issue for those of us that are new to Droids and the few week old Charge.

    The thread I read had no direct resolution, but a few posters thought it was related to inadvertently pressing the power button.

    I found this to be the direct cause. When you press the power button it locks the screen with a orange pic of a lock next to the pic's left counter. And it probably does this to lock the video recorder in place, so it doesn't shut off before you finish recording.

    The reason it locks up is when you hold the camera in landscape you have to hold the device between your pointer fingers and thumbs on each side of the device to steady it while framing your subject.

    Try it . . . check where your "left" index finger winds up as you press down a little so you don't let the Charge slip out of your fingers. . . Yep, you press right down on the power button which screen locks it where nothing works until you press the power button again.

    * Check out the cartoon setting in camera mode when you press the arrow in the middle of the left side of the screen. Press the white square and then press the right side arrow and scroll to the next page. Then press cartoon.

    Note: cartoon mode shuts the flash off, so if you want flash on your next pic, turn the flash on again after you take a cartoon pic. I like to leave mine on "flash on" mode most of the time rather than auto as it fills in better when the flash doesn't go off like when the room is well lit, but your subject still comes out dark . . Flash "on" fills in those dark faces.

    But that cartoon mode is COOL!
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    06-22-2011 10:08 PM
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    Thanks, this worked. It was driving me crazy
    10-04-2013 07:34 AM