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    So I got my charge a couple of days ago and Im pretty excited to get into things. I am planning on rooting and while I see that there is a ton of info this would be my first time doing so. I guess my question is... do i still have to worry about service updates when rooting. Does the fact that I am EE4 (i guess that is the update from ED2?) change what i should do?

    Next question is if i root then they come up with a new update i.e. gingerbread or even something smaller, is it going to be difficult to accept that update or do I just get off the verizon/samsung upgrade system altogether and continue to peruse the forums for custom built roms(i know thats not entirely right).

    Lastly, I bought this phone because of the fast connection and I want to USB/bluetooth tether without paying. My understanding is PDAnet is free up to a point then you have to pay, but I also saw something about getting it for free with rooting. Im not against paying a reasonable fee for something, but i guess i want to know how to best handle the situation and I'm still pretty green as far as phones.

    You guys have been pretty helpful thus far sorry if this is too "noob" of a question for these forums...
    06-23-2011 11:09 AM
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    No question is ever too Noobish on here, EE4 is now rootable so that will not hold you up, best advice is the same I was given, Read, Read, Read, and when you think you are ready Read some more! The Charge rooting section at the top of the main page will answer alot of questions for you and make a few more so just ask away. DroidX even included pictures with his instructions so its a can't miss. http://www.androidcentral.com/root read up on this link its got some good material to get you started! As for the updates half the time the developers on here have it available 3 months before Verizon ever will!
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    06-23-2011 05:17 PM