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    The person in the office next to me liked my Charge and was upgrading anyway from Sprint to VZ.
    I thought she was going to a VZ company store but she wound up at a VZ authorized retailer location.
    They charged her $179 for the Charge.
    Plus: $10 for the Sim card, $35 activiation fee, and $24 for a pack of screen savers.

    I can understand how the lowball the phone and make up for it with hidden charges, but it was the insurance I asked her to question when she goes back tonight.

    I added on the $6.99 a month Asurion plan today on the Charge for myself that I picked up last week. The deductible is now $99.

    The insurance they sold her is a pre-paid $99 which covers her for 2 years and maybe a $50 deductible (she thinks). Their computer was down last night so they wanted her to return tonight to sign the paperwork.

    My question is I've only used Asurion or what ever the VZ company store was selling for the past 10-15 years.

    Before she signs anything tonight. . . has anyone had experience with the insurance plans that the authorized retailers are pushing? I've never had any issues with Asurion and I don't know if this other insurance is giving her full coverage for that price?

    $99 divided by 24 months is only $4.13 a month. I can't see full coverage on a smart phone for that.
    I'd hate to see her get screwed if she got the phone wet or lost it and had to file a claim.

    Have any users here ever filed a claim with these other insurance plans that the other retailers are selling that are not Asurion?

    06-23-2011 01:59 PM