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    Hi All: Been waiting for my upgrade date to get this Droid Charge. I suppose it takes away from the coolness but I gotta tell ya, I got Charge for the bigger screen which is easier to read. I love the quick zoom in and out. I love the bigger keyboard which is easier for my slightly arthritic carpal tunnel fingers. Also I love the voice to text right on the screen.
    But I don't like the way that some Android God decided that we can't change themes or easily personalize the system. Why do we have to hack our phones just to get rid of the brown and orange??? I think it should go along with whatever theme we pick and be integrated. Blackberry has everything so simple and together I just figured Android should do the same. Guess it will take another few years for them to get it right.
    Well I do enjoy the call quality as well as the free tethering ( for a few weeks yet).
    Thankyou forum for all the helps and tricks and hacks. This is my new hobby.
    06-26-2011 09:40 AM