1. lcolien#AC's Avatar
    ok, i consider myself reasonably tech savvy, but holy moly, this phone is almost beyond me so far. Here are some more newbie questions:

    -can i assign a specific ringtone to a specific contact for email or text messages? for example, when my husband texts me, it would be a different sound than just the general sound

    -what is the fast and easy way to turn off all volume and vibration, for example, when it needs to be silent at church or a movie? when i use the volume control on the side, it still vibrates

    -why is there a general notification ringtone option in sound settings, and then seperate options under messaging and email ? does the setting in messaging and email win over the default one set in sound settings if they don't match?

    -so if i want to turn off notifications from just one thing, like email, do i have to change it in both sound settings and email settings?

    06-28-2011 06:50 AM