1. WarrenK's Avatar
    4g Service suddenly stopped working yesterday at 4pm, called customer care and they went through troublshooting, escalated to tier 2, still no service.

    I can change network over to CDMA Mode and get 3g service.
    Took the phone to a verizon store this morning and they told me it was a coverage issue, i am 4 inches from your Droid charge which is receiving 4g and you are telling me its a coverage issue.

    Vz rep: i will open a TT for you or i can send a refurbished unit which you might get in a week.
    Me: this phone is 2 weeks old and you want me to accept a refurbished unit?
    Vz Rep: nothing else i can do for you.

    Think carefully before buying from Verizon.
    06-28-2011 09:59 AM