1. expidia's Avatar
    This is frustrating as I searched all through the Charge's settings and still can't find out why . . .

    The phone rings.
    But Email and Messaging alerts now have no sound.

    When I go into settings>sound settings in phone ring tones I can hear a sample of each choice.
    But when going into Notification ring tones each selection has no sound.

    Past few weeks I had the Pixiedust sound for alerts of emails or texts.

    A reboot did not solve this issue.

    What or where could I have inadvertently checked something off to put my notifications in a silent mode???


    Update: just found it. It was under Settings> volume. At the bottom there is a slide bar for system volume which was all the way over to the left.
    Also there is a box to check saying: use incoming call volume for notifications. I checked that one and slid the bar to the right 3/4 of the way. Now the sounds are back.

    I don't remember ever going into this screen and changing anything. Maybe another program changed this setting?
    06-28-2011 04:56 PM
  2. blacktimusprime's Avatar
    i was having that same issue... it would just stay silent if i put the phone on the charger. or if i went into silent mode and then back to regular mode no sound. i fixed that by rooting lol glad there is another fix though
    06-30-2011 11:34 AM
  3. AndroidXTC's Avatar
    Mine also goes mute from time to time, I have no idea why I think its a network issue. Have you gone in to each email account settings menu and set the alerts? If not you have to do this for each account and not do it in the general alert sounds menu.
    07-01-2011 07:28 AM