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    Hey all,

    Just reaching out for an answer or two.

    I have been using EVERY syncing tool i could think of TuneSync, DoubleTwist, SallingMedia, Fonesync and so far i think the one that does a fluid job is DoubleTwist, however it doesnt work playlists and it doubles my albums and artists with playerpro.
    Thus i am using Salling Media Sync.

    However, using many of these tools while syncing large playlists caused my Droid to reset. The SD cart will stay mounted on the computer but meanwhile the Charge goes through the whole boot scene and everything.

    Is this getting overheated? OR what is the issue.

    Also sometimes the SD card will unmount itself in the middle of a sync.

    Anyone have these same problems and have a solution?

    07-03-2011 01:19 PM