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  • Nexus 4

    2 15.38%
  • Droid DNA

    11 84.62%
  1. dsass600's Avatar

    Current Carrier: Verizon

    Problems with Carrier: No GSM, no ability to buy unlocked devices, upgrades every 2 years, no Nexus, locked bootloaders, overall very for-profit moves (putting Verizon logo on the home button of the Galaxy Note 2), doesn't get new phones that often, likes to take control of the entire device, delays updates quite drastically due to the limitations of CDMA technology, CDMA technology drains significantly more battery.

    Advantages of Current Carrier: Most new phones have both GSM/CDMA inside so they will have the ability to roam, best LTE coverage in the US/my area and best service in the US/my area (but only by a slim margin).

    Possible Carrier: AT&T Pre-Paid

    Problems with Possible Carrier: On Pre-Paid technologies such as LTE will be delayed and in this case LTE will be available to Pre-Paid customers at this time next year, LTE coverage is nowhere near as good as Verizon's, LTE service needs to be expanded in my area, will need to buy all phones off contract because Pre-Paid does not subsidize device prices.

    Advantages of Possible Carrier: Unlocked phones work, will work with Google Nexuses, very easy to switch phones, GSM technology uses less battery, upgrades every year (If I buy a Nexus, or another phone for under $400), unlocked bootloaders, does not take over the entire device, GSM technology will not delay updates as drastically as CDMA technology.


    Current Phone: Galaxy Nexus CDMA

    Problems with Current Device: Battery life and service are both terrible

    Possible Phone: Nexus 4

    Problems with Possible Phone: Reported bad battery life, lack of 4GLTE, 720P display (in comparison to 1080p), reported overheat issues that will cause the device to throttle the speed back, glass backing will crack easily.

    Advantages of Possible Phone: GSM technology, updates quickly from Google, is not tied to a carrier, lock button is on the side of the device, perfect screen size (in my opinion), softkey buttons, very solid build, half the price of the Droid DNA

    Possible Phone: HTC Droid DNA

    Problems with Possible Phone: Small battery (although some reviews are reporting the battery life as good), tall and thin form factor, thicker (in comparison to the Nexus 4, but is tapered to give the illusion and feel of a thinner device), lock button is on top of device making it harder to push (in comparison to the Nexus 4), has Verizon branding, is locked down to Verizon, locked bootloader (supposedly, according to past devices), very expensive off contract.

    Advantages of Possible Phone: Supposedly good battery life, feels thin, 1080P display, incredible cameras, has GSM/CDMA radios inside for global roaming, supports 4GLTE, benchmarks are showing higher scores (in comparison to Nexus 4), supports HSPA+ when an AT&T SIM card is inserted (may be subject to change when official phone is released).


    Option 1:
    -Carrier: Verizon
    -Phone: Droid DNA

    Option 2:
    -Carrier: AT&T
    -Phone: Nexus 4

    11-15-2012 03:39 PM

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