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    As to the USB, I do agree, in rated use, 10,000 insertions sounds right, but that doesn't account for life. For kids or dogs knocking your phone off the table while charging, for trying to get the cable in the right way in the dark, ect.... In my personal use, I've found after about two years, the micro usb port becomes wore (cables are loose, sometimes doesn't charge).
    Fair enough. I don't have any kids or dogs to deal with just yet, so hopefully my USB port will hold out for more than two years!

    Having a customer kernel is a great option and having those battery mode settings are great and I'm sure they help, but not everyone roots.
    I absolutely agree that not everyone roots or installs custom kernels. That's why I would like to see options for maximizing battery longevity included as standard, albeit advanced, features.

    As to battery life, I would like to see stats on that. I can tell you with my DNA, unless I've play games for a couple of hours, I haven't been below 70%. Right now (8 hour day so far), I'm at 87%. With my T-bolt, it was dead at 10 hours no matter what. My wife charges her iPhone (yes I know, boo) every other day.
    I have only had my DNA for a few days now, but I have resisted the urge for the last three days to charge it during the day to see what would happen. The result is that the battery has been below 10% by the time I plug it in when I go to sleep after being unplugged for around 15 hours. I have been using it quite a bit, but nothing too crazy. On average I've probably been sending around 5 emails, writing around 15 text messages, and reading things for around an hour. You must use it very lightly to have 70% left at the end of the day! I wish that HTC hadn't removed the screen on time listing from the battery usage information as that would help me figure out how much time I spend actively using the phone.

    You have had very good points, and I appreciate the discussion.
    12-04-2012 08:42 PM
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    A lot of very good points here and a lot of stuff that had been said before but good to have it come up again as always. I personally believe that you should enjoy your phone and not worry so much about your battery.

    I noticed as well that my phone gets slightly hot from wireless charging overnight but after about 2 minutes it was normal. Didn't concern me and didn't seem to cause any issues. While there is always a constant discussion about how to properly charge and discharge the bottom line is that HTC and every other cell phone manufacturer for that matter built the phone for our enjoyment. Enjoy it and don't worry so much about the battery.

    If it was that much of an issue they would say a proper procedure so they don't have to worry about warranty claims constantly. I'm sure they have limitations in place so that nothing can damage your battery from normal usage or charging. That being said, overheating could potentially be a problem but slight heat I don't see a problem. Laptops get hot like that all the time and they usual are fine.

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