02-05-2013 06:50 AM
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    A flagship is a vessel used by the commanding officer of a group of naval ships, reflecting the custom of its commander, characteristically a flag officer, flying a distinguishing flag. Used more loosely, it is the lead ship in a fleet of vessels, typically the first, largest, fastest, most heavily armed, or best known. The One X is/was the flagship. Not the entire One series.
    Correct. The x is was the flagship. The one series is there best phones. Their top phones. Like the name galaxy. Or RAZR. . Just a name to determine the good phones from the OK phones.

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    02-03-2013 01:52 PM
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    I personally am very anxious to see the m7. The Dna is an awesome phone but im a storage hog and wanted more then 16Gb so if the m7 does have more storage ill be getting it. I had the one x+ but alas the processor's heat and the inconsistency of being able to multitask kinnda sucked. So waiting on the m7 to be BIG.

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    02-05-2013 06:50 AM
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