1. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    Which sleep policy promotes better battery life? Always, only when plugged in, never?
    01-28-2013 08:57 PM
  2. Dirtman16's Avatar
    Always will give you longer battery life for sure; however, I believe you'll lose sync while the phone is asleep. This is the case on my Nexus 7 at least.

    I don't think the phone would fall back to LTE if you had Wifi off; however, if it did, it could theoretically make battery worse. You may just have to try it out and see.
    01-29-2013 09:47 AM
  3. hmfoster's Avatar
    My DNA lasts much much longer with the wifi off except when I need to use it.
    01-29-2013 04:33 PM
  4. hmfoster's Avatar
    My DNA lasts much much longer with the WIFI off except when I need the internet connection.
    01-29-2013 04:41 PM

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