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    Hey everyone,

    I was messing around with an old Garmin car dock and noticed the DNA pretty much fit into it but was a few mm's loose. I put in some adhesive padding strips on the contact points and now I have a nice and simple looking desk dock.

    Next I started looking for a good desktop dock app and eventually started looking at the available car dock apps as well. Really I just want something sleek, simple, and with an attractive looking clock. I came across an app called "Car Dock Control". It's more of a toggle than an app and it seems to trigger the DNA's pre-installed car dock app. I like the app a lot but I was looking to customize some of the apps it has on the dock's home page. For example one of the app icons was for the Amazon mp3 app. I don't use this app so I wanted to replace it with something else. There is a settings tab but it doesn't seem to give the option to pick which apps are displayed. I ended up disabling the Amazon app and it automatically replaced it with Slacker. This is good because that's my preferred music app but I'm looking to customize some of the other icons.

    If anyone knows a work around please let me know .

    I'm attaching some pics as well....
    Attached Thumbnails Car Dock App Settings-dna-garmin-dock-1.jpg   Car Dock App Settings-dna-garmin-dock-2.jpg   Car Dock App Settings-dna-car-dock-screenshot.png  
    02-07-2013 03:46 AM

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