02-16-2013 08:35 PM
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  1. Buickman's Avatar
    The mobile hot spot that was a complete mess before seems to work good now. I'm typing this on my iPad tethered to the DNA.
    02-14-2013 08:18 PM
  2. stinger22's Avatar
    Got it in Alabama!
    02-14-2013 08:40 PM
  3. coolbreeze's Avatar
    Messages are showing the jelly bean expanded version in the notification bar by default now.

    Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
    02-14-2013 09:04 PM
  4. MrRicks84's Avatar
    Messages are showing the jelly bean expanded version in the notification bar by default now.

    Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
    Same for me too
    02-14-2013 09:16 PM
  5. HPBolt's Avatar
    Never had an issue yet with this great phone and this had made it much snappier. Screens are very fast. Sound is great. Good update.

    Sent from my HTC6435LVW
    02-14-2013 09:24 PM
  6. ggrr8t's Avatar
    Anyone else notice how much heavier DNA is after the update?

    02-14-2013 09:33 PM
  7. Hickory Shampoo's Avatar
    Getting a slow charging alert with the stock charger. Can't get rid of it with reboot.

    Posted via Tapatalk 2 quite possibly while I'm on the john with my DROID DNA
    02-14-2013 10:27 PM
  8. papasurf's Avatar
    Nothing so far on Nexus 7 in So Cal. Tried forcing it but no go.
    02-15-2013 12:12 PM
  9. Timothy Cook's Avatar
    Got it this afternoon Cleveland area on TMOBILE. Nothing on the N7 going to tether and see if that helps.
    02-15-2013 04:52 PM
  10. Tall Mike 2145's Avatar
    I live in S.W. Florida and got it on Day 1.

    Oh, and MikeLip, I'm originally from Euclid (east side of Cleveland) and I don't know what the heck Ohio is known for anymore, other than maybe buckeyes and potholes. And for the record, I was rooting AGAINST the Baltimore Ravens as I'm still sore about Art Modell taking the francise out of Cleveland.
    02-15-2013 08:24 PM
  11. DrGonzo48's Avatar
    Got it today - Albuquerque, NM. Hoping bluetooth sounds better in the car now. Had the no sim card thing last week but that is spotty and it's too soon to know if it's fixed. Also, having problems connecting with wifi at work (but not at home, so it may be the network and not my phone). That did not improve after the update.
    02-15-2013 08:47 PM
  12. Dave Millington's Avatar
    Arrived yesterday n4 and n7

    Warwick UK
    02-16-2013 01:32 AM
  13. blakes278's Avatar
    Got it today. Just a few improvements i've seen but not very much, pretty disappointing, although it is more smooth.
    but im in Australia
    02-16-2013 07:06 AM
  14. oxygeneman's Avatar
    I got the update and now my wifi drops all the time. It was working great before, any suggestions?
    02-16-2013 03:32 PM
  15. croppz's Avatar
    Nothing in Missouri. Nothing at all. Seriously, help me, there is nothing in this miserable place.
    Hahaha I had basic training for the Army at Fort Leonardwood. I know your pain

    Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Android Central Forums
    02-16-2013 08:35 PM
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