02-17-2013 11:29 PM
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  1. Fraggle79's Avatar
    Angry Birds Star Wars works after the update.
    02-16-2013 11:53 PM
  2. hannsoft's Avatar
    Something else I just noticed tonight. Since the update the lights on my buttons seem to come on sooner. Used to be that I had to hold my hand over the top of the phone to get the phone to think it was dark enough to turn them on. Now they come on much more often by themselves. Welcome improvement!
    02-17-2013 10:06 PM
  3. Jennifer Stough's Avatar
    My terrible WiFi issues were that my WiFi rarely even worked. I am home 98% of the day and I couldnt use my WiFi. I would literally watch it drop from 3 bars to none constantly. I would get error pages telling me to check my connection, streaming apps didn't work what so ever, my WiFi only worked .25 of the day and even then it was with atrocious speeds and constant errors.
    Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Android Central Forums
    02-17-2013 10:31 PM
  4. croppz's Avatar
    Update wiped my phone. The frustration I'm feeling right now marks the first time in more than a year that I'm considering a return to an iPhone. Sometimes the lack of quality control in the Android ecosystem is insane.
    Wiped mine too. But only apps and stuff and I had to start fresh like when I first activated it. No big deal for me.

    Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Android Central Forums
    02-17-2013 11:29 PM
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