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    I have a ton of apps on my phone and tablet, but I'm always on the lookout for more. The hard part for me is finding good apps. I know Android Central puts out their list every Saturday, and every now and then they introduce me to an app that becomes a keeper, but I've always gotten the best app recommendations from the members here at AC. With that in mind, I'd like to hear about your must-have apps, your under-the-radar apps, or really just any app you think we should all know about and start using asap. I'll kick it off with what I have on my phone.

    Must-Haves: SwiftKey 3, ADW Launcher EX, Astro File Manager, Business Calendar, Note Everything (I know everyone uses Evernote, but I prefer this app), Rainy Days, Pocket Casts, WeatherBug Elite, One More Clock, and Speedtest.

    Other, lesser known (maybe) apps:

    Circle Launcher - I love to keep my main home screen clean and free of clutter, so I have 2 Circle Launchers loaded up with my most used apps (gmail, yahoo mail, handcent, calculator, navigation, gtalk, brightness level widget, DoubleTwist Alarm, etc) on the home screen. Then I turn the Icon Transparency up to 100% and the CL's disappear, so that they're there, but I don't have to see them.

    Appy Geek - If you're like me, you follow all of the latest tech news, and Appy Geek has become my go-to app in this arena. They pull in all of the latest news and stories from a bunch of different sites around the world to make sure that I'm always aware of everything tech.

    SpeakToIt Assistant - I used to use Vlingo, but I like the ability to add appointments to my calendar, so I've been using this one lately.

    BuzzFeed - This was actually covered by AC yesterday, but it's a favorite of mine and always elicits a laugh.

    Square Register - How cool is it that a smartphone can accept credit card payments?

    [deleted by moderator]

    MyAppSharer - Before ScoreCenter was compatible with the DNA, I used this app to sideload it by sending it from my tablet to my phone via email. Many other uses, but let's keep it above board.

    AppSales - lets you know which apps are on sale in the Play Store.

    Arcane Legends - Fun game if action rpg's are your thing.
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    Holo Launcher for me. Evernote. HP41 calc. Notestacks. Chomp SMS and Aqua Mail - both way better than stock clients. Aqua Mail is awesome. Chomp SMS gets the job done better than stock and without all the teeny bopper junk the other SMS clients have. Flipbook. NOAA Weather, Netflix. Pandora. Kindle. Dropbox. Navigon.
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    02-18-2013 10:43 AM
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    Nova launcher, zooper widgets, Pandora, Netflix, hulu plus, wattpad, usaa banking, Skype, picspeed, zedge, aviary, android central forums, speedtest.

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    -Pixlr Express is an excellent free photo editor, if you like instagram-style filters but with more advanced customization.
    -FV-5 is a great app for ultimate customization, but is fairly expensive (to the point where idk if the cost is justified). You can edit shutter speed, exposure compensation, light metering, etc. One of the most important features for me is the AF-lock, since my DNA has trouble obtaining the correct focal length (esp. at macro). You can edit the volume rocker to become shutter/focus. I find, however, that the app is slow to respond.

    -Widget Locker allows full customization of your lock screen, if you prefer the raw JB lockscreen. Goes hand-in-hand with:
    -Nova Launcher: tip--access the secret 'labs' menu by holding volume down for 2-3 seconds in Nova's settings menu. You can: increase the maximum grid size (from 7x7 to 16x16), add any size widget to the dock, force 180 degree orientation, UI Lock, etc.
    -Power Toggles: absolutely invaluable for quick setting changes without exiting whatever app you're in. Just pin it to your notifications bar, and you're set . You can also add app shortcuts (I added a screen dimmer app and a hovernote app for fast access).
    -Screen Filter: a great, simple screen dimmer app; I use it when I'm on my phone at night about to go to sleep, and the min brightness is still too bright
    -Box.com: excellent cloud storage app; much more advanced than the Dropbox app (since last I checked, which was ages ago..). Batch upload/download, create docs/ppts/pdfs/video/audio within the app, etc.

    -Amazon app store: free app a day; most of them aren't worth downloading, but once a week or so they offer some good ones.
    -Last.fm: 'scrobbles' music to your last.fm account (i.e. records what you listen to). Doesn't work with Pandora, sadly
    -Tunein Radio: great for listening to FM radio and podcasts. You can record within the app, and it has a sleep timer (if you fall asleep to music).
    -Zinio: magazine app, has a much larger selection than Play magazines (e.g. you can get Nat Geo). Magazines are also higher-res.

    I do NOT recommend CoPilot as a navigation app--works flawlessly on my Nexus 7, but is ungodly glitchy on my DNA.
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    Please do not discuss means for viewing pirated content. Thread has been cleaned up.

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    Please do not discuss means for viewing pirated content. Thread has been cleaned up.

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    Sorry about that. Won't happen again.
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    Some of the apps I like that haven't been mentioned:

    Flipboard - news conglomerate app
    My Media Center - works with my HTPC/Ceton tv tuner
    Bacon Reader - Reddit app
    HBO GO - used my parents account since they pay for HBO
    Endomondo Pro - Workout tracking program, I have a mount on my mountain bike for my phone and it uses gps to track, distance, speed, and map my routes etc
    TeamViewer - remote into my desktop at home

    I use Zooper & picseed to customize my homescreen.

    I'm always looking for useful apps...lets see what everyone thinks is a must have app on their phone!
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    02-19-2013 05:24 PM

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