1. cmslota's Avatar
    Has anybody else noticed in their DNA that it takes a good 3-5 seconds to load a contact when first creating a text message? Drives me crazy! Is there any way to fix that and speed it up?

    07-24-2013 01:23 PM
  2. mtrautma's Avatar
    Mine does the same. I gave up and installed Chomp SMS.
    07-24-2013 03:21 PM
  3. cmslota's Avatar
    Is it any better?
    07-24-2013 06:50 PM
  4. speedtrip's Avatar
    I have not noticed any issues with mine
    07-24-2013 08:45 PM
  5. Daniel.Lynch's Avatar
    I posted a thread about this a few months ago. It seemed dumb that it took so long to load text messages. Nobody was able to give a solution, I tried removing some of my old contacts and got my number of contacts down to like 85, and it didn't help at all.

    I installed a ROM and the problem was fixed. I didn't experience this issue on PACman, Viper, or my current ROM CM10.1
    cmslota likes this.
    07-25-2013 01:55 PM

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