1. Unbreak's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forums, please help me.

    My HTC DNA is running CM 11.0 with TWRP being my recovery mode.

    Today, CM released an update for 11.0, and I installed it via the cmupdater, which is the feature they have built in.

    Since then, it has been boot looping into TWRP. I'm not sure how to fix it. I have already flashed cache, dalvik cache, and data, yet I still have it.

    My phone is not showing up when I plug it into my laptop, so I can't put anything on it either.

    My phone does, however, have 2 backups, which I made a while ago by using TWRP.

    They're called the following:
    "cm10.1 full backup."
    "cm10.1 no recovery and no cache."

    However, the backups won't show up under the restore list in TWRP..

    What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.
    12-07-2013 03:10 AM
  2. pulot2's Avatar
    same boat here... anyone help?
    02-17-2014 02:33 AM

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