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    The subject says almost all of it. I downloaded kitkat OTA (stock rom, entirely untampered, not many apps), shortly after, I woke up one morning with my phone on the charger blinking a Large Empty Battery symbol in the center of the screen, with a Charge-Lightning Bolt at the center of it. It blinks on, then off, then on, etc. It never turns on. When I connect it to the computer, it "connects" then "disconnects." I can get into the diag menu (whatever it's officially called) by holding one of the volume buttons and screen-off button. I need some help guys/girls, I really don't have the $ for a new phone at the moment and have always loved my DNA. ANY help (especially quick, as I often use the phone for work) would GREATLY be appreciated, thanks!!
    06-02-2014 12:21 PM

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