1. JEGuitarist's Avatar
    So I've seen soooo many people say they've got the dna to work with straight talk, something about switching it to gsm mode, but here's where my problem arises;

    Please note that NEITHER of these sims are active, they're fresh out of the BYOP kit.

    When I insert the CDMA card into my phone, I instantly receive a few bars. Keep in mind its not active, just showing it's receiving signal.
    When I insert the GSM card, and go to Setting>Call>Preferred Network>GSM I don't get any bars. Just a nice X with the message "No Service"

    I've seen people say that when you use CDMA you get access to LTE, but I've also seen when you use ATT, you get limited to 2g/3g speeds, however, I can't even activate the phone! When I type in my IMEI on straight talks site I receive a message "Is your GSM compatible phone unlocked" (Since the deluxe is factory unlocked I click "yes") this takes me through the process, up until I have to enter my activation code, well, I don't feel comfortable doing this because as I said before, it doesn't appear that I'm getting any bars from the gsm card, however, it's reading it because I can see the numbers in "settings>about>phone identity" I just get greeted with the message "no network found" over and over...

    Is it impossible to get this phone to work on straighttalk? Does it NOT read GSM cards? Did I waste my money? :/ I seriously hope someone can help, I'm worried I might have made a mistake in buying this phone. If anyone can help, please do!

    04-17-2015 09:24 PM
  2. JEGuitarist's Avatar
    UPDATE: I've read that people are indeed using it with straight talk, though straighttalk continuously tells me it's not compatible. I'd go through with the activation process if I knew why I wasn't receiving bars using the ATT sim, but if I use the tmobile or verizon sim, I do receive bars.
    04-18-2015 10:13 AM
  3. Cheryl Huston's Avatar
    I activated my friends phone with cdma.... works great and he's had no problems with Straight Talk
    04-30-2015 01:17 PM

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