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    Hi everyone!!!

    First off lets just say im frustrated with this!! i bought the phone about a month ago used off of someone.Its a verizon unlocked HTC DNA. I have an ATT sim card it worked fine the first week i had it..After that it will not read the sim card!!... things ive tried Going and getting a new SIM card,Updating it,I even bought a new Sim tray for it and nothing..If im not mistaken im seeing its a problem with these phones,But how are people fixing it? Current verison is 4.09.605.8 ..Now it detects when i slide my tray in it so i know its detecting it..but the message goes away about no sim card,But in the top corner you can see a sim card with an X in it ..? so im out of options can anyone chime in and this with any advise? Please i really wanna use this phone!!
    12-20-2015 05:47 PM

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