1. hauvie's Avatar
    I just switched from a BB to the Incredible 2 and I am missing the emoticons when texting. Is this an app that I have to purchase/download or did I miss something in the setup or options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    07-10-2011 11:18 PM
  2. hachiroku13954's Avatar
    For text messages Android has its own emoticons. When typing hit that 12# button on the lower right, then to the left there's a button 1/2. Press that and a few emoticons are there. When you send the text, it will automatically change that symbol into an android emoticon
    07-11-2011 02:45 AM
  3. hauvie's Avatar
    Thanks!!! That works for when I send text's with emoticon, but if someone sends me an emoticon it does not translate into the figure. I still get the actual type of the colon and parentheses . Is there anything that will change the colon and parentheses to the android figure or smile face on my phone? If it is an app that is great - but which one?
    07-11-2011 10:39 AM
  4. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    Go SMS Pro is a SMS app replacement which has a lot more options.

    07-11-2011 11:14 AM