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    EDIT: Several hours after factory resetting, the web Market now shows my Incredible 2 as an option. So I guess it just takes a while to show up. It didn't do that last time so I thought I had some new problem. My phone still isn't restoring the apps automatically like last time, but I just tested it and I can do them manually one by one via the web interface on my laptop. Maybe if I leave it long enough, it'll do the rest automatically. Otherwise I'll embrace it as an opportunity for spring cleaning.

    So disregard the below. I'll leave it here just in case anyone else has the same problem.


    After the recent minor update killed my Gmail, killed my Market, and made all kinds of things start force closing, I had to factory reset again, just like I did after the Gingerbread update killed my clock.

    But unlike last time, this time my Market apps did not restore. Last time a status message said something like, "180 apps restored". This time it said 2.

    When I open the market app and go to Settings > My Apps, it only shows the one app I ever purchased (a keyboard) and then My Verizon, Youtube, Google Maps, and Gmail.

    When I go to the market on my laptop, it says I still have my Thunderbolt, which I not only sent back to Verizon in early May but which disappeared from the market as an option a long time ago (I think I deleted it manually but I can't remember). I've been using the Incredible 2 ever since. After the last factory reset, it remembered me. And now after this one, it sort of remembers me, because it restored the paid app, which I just bought a couple weeks ago. Yet the web market thinks I still have my Thunderbolt, has no record of my Incredible 2, and isn't downloading any of the apps that show up in the My Market Account section.

    I set up the phone with the same gmail as last time, and the fact that it remembered my one purchased app means the phone and market recognize me as me at least a little bit.

    I followed the advice in this Android Market support article and confirmed my primary account (It's not a Google Apps gmail account, btw, just plain old gmail).

    I also downloaded an app via the market app, just to say "I'm here!" and that worked. But then when I try to download an app from my laptop using the web Market, my only option is the long-gone Thunderbolt I returned to Verizon in early May. I went ahead and sent an app to that, just to see if that would jar something loose, but it never showed up on my Incredible 2.


    Has this ever happened to anyone?
    07-30-2011 10:59 AM