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    I have had my DINC2 since October. I love it and have had no problems ... until this week.

    I generally charge my phone overnight. Yesterday morning when I unplugged my phone from the charger, the screen didn't come on (like it usually does), and the green (fully charged) light stayed on. So, I pushed the power button ... nothing. I long pressed the power button ... nothing. I ended up pulling the battery, and everything was good. However ...

    I noticed when I received my first text of the day that it wasn't the notification tone that I had set (custom). When I checked further, I noticed that many of my custom ringtones had been randomly assigned to my contacts. As I went about restoring the ringtones to the correct contacts, I noticed that (it appeared) that my contacts with the default ringtone had stayed the same. It was the contacts that had custom tones that had gotten the random reassignment.

    Last night, I was doing a little surfing on my DINC2, and I noticed that it was running a little slow. So, I restarted phone, and it ran fine.

    This morning when I unplugged my phone, the screen came on as usual (and the green light went out). Then, when I received my first text of the day, once again it had the wrong notification tone (completely different this time from the first). I checked my settings and sure enough, everything was jacked up again. So, instead of resetting everything (again), I simply restarted the phone. All of my tones appear to be back to the settings that I prefer.

    Has this happened to anyone else? If so, do you know what is causing it?

    I am not rooted. I have a few apps, but not a ton. The only customizing that I have done is add ringtones that I made myself. I like having "ringtone ID," so when the ringtones aren't right, it kinda stinks.
    01-11-2012 10:47 AM
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    It happened again. My sounds changed for no apparent reason.

    01-11-2012 04:57 PM
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    Since I am apparently the only one having this problem with my DInc2 (for now), I will continue to post updates for possible future issues.

    It happened again.

    After some research, I found that another user of an HTC handset (not DInc2) had the exact same issues ... with no explanation of why.

    I have not broken down and performed a hard reset ... yet. So far, I have pulled the battery a second time, deleted Lookout and Juice Defender, and restarted multiple times.

    I'll let you know if I figure out the culprit.
    01-13-2012 12:51 PM
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    I had this problem a few weeks ago. I took it to Verizon and they said it was 'because its a computer they act up after a while and need to be reset'. So I did a factory reset and it seems to have worked. I would say try to see if you can get around the factory reset cause it is a huge pain. Verizon didn't seem to know why, but I am not surprised by that response...
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    01-13-2012 05:02 PM
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    Thanks, pfurlong33.

    On Friday, I did finally breakdown and do a factory reset. A pain in the behind? Yes. But, it did help me clear out some apps that I probably didn't need.

    So far, I haven't had any further random ringtone/notifications replacements.
    01-16-2012 03:46 PM
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    Mine was doing that with my default custom ringtone. I reset it and it has been fine since. Feel like its time for a factory reset tho to shake out the weeds.

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    01-17-2012 01:11 PM
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    Mine began doing that after an app update froze the phone and I had to pull the battery to get it to boot. I'm opposed to doing a reset - you just shouldn't have to do that with today's technology. I had two iPhones and the quality of the hardware and software regarding these kinds of issues was just light years ahead of the Androids.
    01-17-2012 01:54 PM
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    My husband and I both have DInc 2 phones, and both of us have had these problems. I've done factory resets on both phones and it still happens. I was on my way to work yesterday, and on the 20 minute drive, I received 3 emails from 3 different people, and all 3 times, heard a different notification for my Gmail account.

    Verizon? Clueless.
    01-19-2012 05:43 PM
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    I guess I'm lucky. I haven't had the problem since I did my factory reset a week ago. However, I didn't have a backup reload my apps. I installed them from scratch. And, I didn't install all of the ones I had before the problem.

    Maybe one of your apps is the problem?
    01-20-2012 09:22 AM
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    Update ....

    It's happening again. Resets don't seem to be working. For a while, I could get my ringtones to revert after turning the phone off and back on, but even that doesn't always work. Maybe it's time for another factory reset.
    10-24-2012 12:43 PM
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    Ok. I know this is an old post you still need a fix.. but, I had a similar issue with my Note 2... I was using custom ring tones from my SD card...I moved them from the SD card and put them on the Phone's Ringtone and Notifications folders by hooking it up to me PC and just copying and pasting them there...Never had that problem again....

    Hope this gets to you (since it's old) and Helps!
    07-10-2014 10:02 AM