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    Posted this in General Help forum and got no response so I figured I'd check with my Dinc2 brethren and sistren.

    I returned the Thunderbolt for the Dinc2. When I set up the Dinc2, it automatically downloaded/restored only a subset of the apps I had on my Tbolt. But when I go to the Market from my computer to check on any given app I used to have but no longer do, it says I do have it and won't activate the button to let me download it. Additionally, the list of apps in My Library in my Market account cuts off midway through S in the alphabet. There are things on my Dinc2 and things that were on my Tbolt that started with T through Z (and a few more S's) but they don't show up in my Market account.

    Both phones still show up in the My Devices list in my Market settings. I want to delete the Tbolt, and I hope that means it will "release" those apps so I can redownload them, but I'd like for it to transfer those apps to my Dinc2 without me having to manually download them each anew through the phone. I can and probably will ending up having to do that but would like to understand or straighten this issue out at the least so it doesn't happen next time, but also for the immediate convenience of not having to download dozens of apps again. Give me my apps again, Market. Just release them all and let's start clean, baby.

    Anybody have this same issue? How'd your switch go? If you had the issue, did you find a fix?
    05-10-2011 04:38 PM
  2. ricebw's Avatar
    Click on a missing app and if it says installed, click on installed and it gives you the option of sending to another device...although I re-read your post and you're saying they're not listed. I too converted from a TB to a Dinc2 and they are all there, although not all of them installed when I activated my new phone. Not sure why.
    05-10-2011 05:36 PM
  3. Astrodroid's Avatar
    OK the solution here was A.) Time, and B.) manual redownloads of the ones that didn't download automatically for whatever reason. I think it just took some time for the Market to recognize my new phone. Because eventually I was able to go to the "My Library" and "Orders" sections of Market settings via my computer and be offered the Incredible 2 as an option to download to. So I went through item by item and redownloaded them from those lists. It still doesn't explain why the "My Library" list cuts off part way through the letter S in the alphabet, but I was able to go to the "Orders" section and see a chronological list of everything I had originally downloaded to the Thunderbolt and redownload the ones after S in the alphabet. So, not quite resolved, but over with.
    05-10-2011 09:18 PM