1. unregistered4's Avatar
    I have a recurring problem where about once a day when I go to "wake" my DINC2 by pulling down the slider it is very slow in responding. Come time to enter my security pin, and it is even worse. I get long vibrates on each key press. Eventually I have to do a battery pull, at which point everything is fine. Any ideas what may be going on? If so, any suggestions to stop it?
    06-26-2011 06:18 PM
  2. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    Does holding down the power button not allow you to reboot? You shouldn't have to do a battery pull. Not a blackberry.
    As for your problem I think a little more info is needed. Like is it usually around the same time of day? What kinds of apps do you have automatically syncing

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    06-26-2011 10:01 PM
  3. izory prasov's Avatar
    i have similar problem on my cyrus tvpad, model lily h1400, android 4.0.4 (ice cream sandwich), kernel 3.0.8+, after i factory reset my android.
    i already factory reset 2 times, but the problem still, and i don't install anything new after factory reset, just the default. after sleep, it freeze up, blank. after i power off, it can normal again. so, i never activated sleep mode. i don't have this problem before, it appear about 2 weeks ago, around after i get [DF-SA-01] error. any solution every one?
    thanks before.
    11-10-2014 03:02 AM