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    I'm thinking about doing it. Anyone else make the plunge? What do you think of the incredible vs the 4s?
    07-08-2012 08:16 AM
  2. Will1524's Avatar
    Well people that switch from iOS either love android or they REALLY hate it. If your open to make the switch the incredible 4g would be a good start. It has pretty decent specs and a screen size that many iPhone users would love. If you want something a little bit larger (assuming your with Verizon) go with the new galaxy s3 or one of the Droid razrs. They each have larger screens and the s3 is kinda a flagship (must-have) phone for 2012. Good Luck! I'm sure you will enjoy a more exciting, customizable OS!

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    07-08-2012 08:29 AM
  3. JoeC44's Avatar
    I haven't ever been much of an iPhone person. Outside of the "Cool Factor" of the iPhone and Siri, there's nothing that the iPhone has that the DInc4GLTE doesn't have. It's all a matter of preference.
    Personally i enjoy the ability to customize android phones, the 4G speed, and there's so many choices on types of phone.
    The size is very comparable, the screen is very nice, but not the Retina Display. It's sleek, easy to handle, fits in the pocket nicely, and not every DBag talks about how cool they are to have one.
    I suggest you go to the VZW store and play with one and do a side by side comparison.
    07-08-2012 11:32 AM
  4. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    If you are going to get an Android device on Verizon, I wouldn't get the new Dinc. Go for the SGSIII or the Galaxy Nexus. Android is cool, but I think you may be disappointed in the Dinc. coming from the 4S.

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    07-09-2012 12:03 PM
  5. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    The DInc4G is a nice device, played with it back at CTIA. It is a hard decision between the three big devices on Verizon and ultimately comes down to a size / skin thing.

    I was rocking an iPhone 4 as a daily driver with an Android to accompany it and only just recently did I lay the i4 down to go Android on daily driver status.

    Best bet would be to go to the store and check out how it works, and see if you can do what you need out of a phone on that device.
    07-09-2012 12:20 PM
  6. pblakk's Avatar
    I just switched from an iphone 4s to the DInc4G.. WOW, MAJOR liberation. Huge Android OS improvements compared to what I was used to seeing a couple years back. I knew I wanted something different, basically being an Android device with 4G on Vzw. Do it, and you won't look back.
    08-24-2012 11:20 PM
  7. Jmuney's Avatar
    Apple advantage:
    Customer service
    "Smoothness" (JB is nice but still not there)
    Seamless functionality
    "Fine touch" details
    Integrates well with apple ecosystem
    Ecosystem wide update delivery

    Android advantages:
    Customize everything(I've done it and don't really see advantage)
    Google services integration - my favorite feature.
    Better notifications
    Widgets (not very helpful outside of weather and calendar)
    Google now ( you need to hack most phones to get it)
    Hardware choice ( quality might be another story)

    Android pitfalls:
    Flashing custom ROMs are typically buggy but you have to do it to keep the phone up to date (jellybean)

    Terrible support except forums and do it yourself. I have a Samsung and the whole model ET4G line has terrible GPS problems. My carrier has replaced my phone but the new one still sucks. This is unacceptable. With apple, I could walk in and walk out working.

    Lowest common denominator apps and fragmentation: if you want the best games, get a tegra processor ( how many games are even optimized?) Otherwise, the games are lagging because they can't be optimized to consistent hardware.

    Even flashing ROMs doesn't guarantee you'll get an update. No one builds a complete kernel on their own. Devs are at the mercy of source code updates. Exception would be the nexus devices or devices that attract TONS of devs like the evo or g1.

    Anyway, I'm switching to iphone and it will be my first apple product ever. I'm just sick of the android and windows problems. Used to be a hater, now I just want great customer service and products that work well and work well together. No. I'm not a dumb isheep. I recruited the lead designer of the snapdragon processor for st micro and have cyanogen dev team members numbers in my cellphone.

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    08-24-2012 11:39 PM