1. robertojoven's Avatar
    I just picked up my Incredible 4G and have a few questions:

    1. I synced my gmail account and now have 999+ unread messages (from before syncing the phone). Any way to mark as all read?
    2. I saw another thread re:root. I know this is a new phone, and am patient but am curious if there are any developments.
    3. How do I restore all my apps without re-installing each one-by-one? I had Titanium Backup AND MyBackUpPro which both require root. (I REALLY WANT S-OFF)
    4. Any way to correct the "Beats" audio nonsense? I absolutely loathe it and play my music through my phone (into a good sound system). Can Poweramp override the preset equalization that the Beats must do? Is there a way to disable it completely?

    10-29-2012 08:46 PM
  2. MichaelBR's Avatar
    I'm pretty confident that the only way to restore all your apps without going through each one by one is if your rooted. I don't see any other way that can be done, but I could be wrong.
    10-30-2012 05:35 PM

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