1. Zanven's Avatar
    Ok, so I've searched around the web and found others with this issue, but it seems the topics on other forums died before getting an answer.

    I'm following the rooting guide from here.

    I am having difficulty rooting and I am trying to follow all of the instructions on the unrevoked site. I am stuck at trying to update the drivers.

    1 - I powered off my phone
    2 - I turned it back on into HBOOT
    3 - I waited until it loaded the SD card or whatever
    4 - I plug in the USB cable

    ... and NOTHING happens.

    1 - The "HBOOT" letters in the blue box do not change to "HBOOT USB PLUG"
    2 - I look in the device manager of my computer and do not see an Android 1.0 or any Android reference, nor do I see anything under "Other Devices"
    3 - I have looked through my programs on the computer and did not see HTC Sync or any others to uninstall.
    4 - I have downloaded the drivers but I dont know how to update them because I don't see any of the options referenced in (2 - above).
    copied from the incredible forums as it matches my problem exactly.

    As of now I am stuck so does anyone here have any insight?
    07-23-2013 06:02 PM
  2. clogoodie's Avatar
    You have a Droid Incredible 4G? The guide you linked to appears to be for the original Droid Incredible...no wonder it's not working!

    I didn't think the 4G was rootable due to a locked bootloader, and had pretty much stopped expecting anything new to happen with this phone. Basically just waiting til my contracts up to get something new...and judging by the lack of action on this forum, so is everyone else But a friend sent me this link today, and it looks like it is possible. But the bootloader unlocking is definitely a quick, simple process.

    This thread at XDA might also be useful.

    I have yet to attempt of this myself. If you do, please post back with how it goes.
    09-11-2013 06:45 PM

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