04-28-2010 06:58 AM
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  1. Chinamin's Avatar
    I am using a palm pre plus and it's great and all, but the screen is getting smaller by the day and I have that dreaded keyboard problem where it either triple inputs or doesn't input at all. Also with all these stories about palm going under, makes me regret a little buying the pre.
    04-27-2010 01:22 AM
  2. lkool's Avatar
    Nokia 8250 manufactured year 2000

    - accidentally put it in the washing machine many times & still works
    - the blue display is still awesome
    - damn it still works even today
    - using as spare phone, faded and worn albeit

    Wow, 10 years and still rocking. No fancy gizmos & schmizos like today's phones but one of the very best and practical device that Nokia ever made!

    04-27-2010 01:23 AM
  3. deenoo's Avatar
    I will switch out my wife's touch pro 2 since I only bought that touch pro 2 because her touch pro was stolen, and there was a deal from t-mobile to get it for free. Plus, getting her switch to android.
    04-27-2010 01:24 AM
  4. llancast's Avatar
    Origional LG Rumor for Sprint. Enough Said.
    04-27-2010 01:34 AM
  5. Alfred_chin's Avatar
    Old phone is an LG V8300. has performed a solid job over past 3+ years but battery is now dying. Photos are horrid and still haven't figured out how to transfer them off of my phone
    04-27-2010 01:35 AM
  6. Karlov824's Avatar
    On my 5th replacement of my Storm 1... recently had it broken and was looking forward to an excuse to buy a Droid until I found out it was still covered by warranty. Couldn't justify the new purchase. Having android envy as my gf, brother and now parents all have a better phone than me. Unbearable. Please help Androidcentral!
    04-27-2010 01:37 AM
  7. DisorderlyDj's Avatar
    Dude my phone is as large as a brick. I cant fit it into my pockets. Hook me up!
    04-27-2010 01:38 AM
  8. BearGT's Avatar
    I've been stuck with a AT&T Razr V3xx. I would love an Incredible and Verizon! It will be a big change to have a phone that can surf the internet!
    04-27-2010 01:43 AM
  9. osubeavs728's Avatar
    I had a droid until it got stolen the last week, now I'm stuck with an LG VX7000....Huge flip phone with a twisty camera, oh ya be jealous.
    04-27-2010 01:43 AM
  10. dmlowery's Avatar
    My younger brother is graduating college here soon and will be heading out into the business world for the first time. Hes currently using a small LG flip phone (the VX8360 I believe) and wont be able to afford anything new for quite some time. This is something I would like to give him as a good Smart Phone will make his life infinitely easier as he makes his way up the ranks.


    - D
    04-27-2010 01:47 AM
  11. IronEddie's Avatar
    My old phone is the HTC Hero. Seriously though without the 2.1 update, this phone has become so sluggish it is almost unusable. Battery life is terrible as well. I am DROOLING over the new batch of HTC android phones!!
    04-27-2010 01:57 AM
  12. ddarvish#IM's Avatar
    Well i am THAT nice of a boyfriend. My GF started hated her Storm 9530 and really wanted my droid so i traded her 1.5 months ago (my excuse to use her upgrade in june to get the incredible) but if i can get it earlier and for free i would be happy.. Im over the storm (again) and remembered why i got rid of that phone to begin with!
    04-27-2010 02:05 AM
  13. bjn714's Avatar
    I have an Incredibly "sense"less Motorola Droid. It makes an Incredible amount of Sense for me to get a free Incredible with the Sense UI. I feel numb without it.
    04-27-2010 02:32 AM
  14. sungwoon1130's Avatar
    I have a mototola droid. But the battery cover is loose and the gap in between the screen and the keyboard is loose as well.
    04-27-2010 02:53 AM
  15. infg3570's Avatar
    The sorry old phone I'm using is the now defunct Eris. I'm running the leaked 2.1 version on it. Unfortunately, this version hasn't yet been rooted so I'm stuck with a few bugs. I tends to have a lot of lag issues, although it's much improved over the 1.5 version. I can totally live with this, however, what I can't stands is the iphone fanboy who bashes my phone. Never mind the fact that my screen is much more vibrant than his and that I have the turn by turn navigation, he saw fit to assassinate the android's character by way of ridiculing the processor speed and claims that it was no improvement over iphone.

    I let him know that iphone users live in the matrix. Life is easier for them that way. As for us android users, we prefer to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and as such, I intend to do so by taking the red pill - the HTC Incredible {-_-}
    04-27-2010 02:57 AM
  16. umgriz9's Avatar
    I have a storm 1 so am already on VZW but contract wont expire till may of 2011 so want this phone now.
    04-27-2010 02:57 AM
  17. ruffhunter's Avatar
    One simple reason: it's incredible :P Nah really i want to change over the standard cellphone world. I'm totally about techno but my budget doesn't help me at all so i can't change device.

    Tried the Nexus One and totally loved it but eh. So yeah that would help me change.

    And i'm so digging the incredible look! it's totally amazing.
    04-27-2010 02:58 AM
  18. leshy's Avatar
    My sorry old phone is a Nokia 2610 retail value: $19.99
    As I mentioned in another thread, I've being holding out on buying a new phone since the day I heard about the Android OS and was waiting for the best phone. Once I was out of contract with AT&T and my phone broke, I had to pick up this PayAsYouGo phone so I didn't sign back into AT&T for two years to miss my dream phone. Well here it is, my dream phone, and I'm willing to switch to Verizon to get it. After all the reviews, this is the one I've been waiting for. Hopefully I can get it from you guys!!!
    04-27-2010 03:08 AM
  19. lamdnanet's Avatar
    I have a htc magic for a year now and although it got the job done i think its time for a new phone.
    04-27-2010 03:40 AM
  20. Kiltboy's Avatar
    I have a 5yr/old treo 650 and it is time to upgrade.
    04-27-2010 03:50 AM
  21. kfreemanii's Avatar
    I have the storm and was very excited when i first had it but besides email.....just down right boring the memory space had to be treated with care and the reseting all the time is quite time dragging! even the desktop manager is slow and interferes with basic computer task until its done loading Android is has the love it and do it all OS and it is rapidly growing! i need something to let me multitask and not tell me i need to exit my calls to complete something. to some it all up i really cant wait till december 23 to upgrade its killing my love for phones with this device!
    04-27-2010 03:53 AM
  22. Kiltboy's Avatar
    My treo 650 is getting old but still works good.
    04-27-2010 04:11 AM
  23. jbsdroid's Avatar
    i have the newest verizon phone on the block: the lg dare, but that was 2 years ago. Time to get a major upgrade.
    04-27-2010 04:14 AM
  24. loooney2ns's Avatar
    Still using a Motorola W755. Please help me!
    04-27-2010 04:18 AM
  25. MrLane's Avatar
    Just using a regular ole droid overclocked and themed barely could receive phone calls cuz of that sense ui port i was running ... now only if i didnt have to port things over and they would just work
    04-27-2010 04:41 AM
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