04-28-2010 06:58 AM
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  1. scubahiker's Avatar
    My sad phone is the original Blackberry Storm - yeah the one that everyone forgot about as soon as the Storm 2 was released. Stuck on an old OS while the new one get nice upgrades.... plus I have to do a battery pull everyday to free up application memory. Its pretty said when there is an app to do that!

    Please help me get a better phone!!!!!!
    04-27-2010 02:35 PM
  2. U010679's Avatar
    Another sorry old moto droid user.
    Still hopefully the incredible has the droid ring and notification sounds...
    04-27-2010 02:36 PM
  3. Jwarren1895's Avatar
    right now I am using the moto droid. it has a slow processor and i dislike the physical keyboard... I wish my droid would do the incredible and turn into the Droid Incredible.
    04-27-2010 02:42 PM
  4. tanchi220's Avatar
    I have a BB storm 2 and the clicking touch screen is driving me crazy. :P I like it at first but I hate it now and my bro has a droid and I've been wanted to steal it from him, so pick me so I don't have to be a thief.
    04-27-2010 02:44 PM
  5. nbobimchak's Avatar
    LG VX8350, BRAH.
    This phone is built like a tank. I've thrown it as far as I could on a grassy field, recovered it a few dozen yards later, and made a call with it. One morning this past summer, I found it floating screen-down in a puddle of water in the skirt of the mosquito net surrounding my seasonal outdoor home. I left it in the sun for a day, and it hasn't quit yet. A little foggy sometimes, but hey, who isn't? The bluetooth profiles are all unlocked by the factory, so I can use the tiny 32MB of storage as a wireless flash drive! It may sound like I don't want to upgrade, but here's the thing — I want to quit while I'm ahead. I don't want to throw the phone at some assailant in an alley someday, only to find it crushed and broken. If I can replace it now, I will never have anything but rosy memories about it. AND I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME.
    04-27-2010 02:45 PM
  6. joshmjr's Avatar
    This would be better than Christmas! I still have to use a stupid old Razr! And the camera doesn't even work!
    04-27-2010 02:50 PM
  7. shotsiekid's Avatar
    Im rocking the an old curve and i hate blackberry i want the droid but dont have enough money please help!!!
    04-27-2010 02:52 PM
  8. drs2010's Avatar
    Well...I used to have an LG shine, until I dropped it getting into a cab and then the cab ran over it. Now I have no phone
    04-27-2010 02:52 PM
  9. batfastard's Avatar
    I dumped my Sprint Palm Pre because I couldn't stand the issues I was having with it any longer. I am currently on a Hero, and have loved every day with it since I moved over to it. The Droid Incredible would be an unbelievable device to own! Android FTW!
    04-27-2010 02:52 PM
  10. 123nickboy's Avatar
    I have an iPhone...It's not what you thinK!!!! I have an iPhone and I hate it!!! i cracked my screen and for some reason it still works. I'm ready to switch to Android!!! I am so over the iPhone!!! It can't do half the things that Android can do!
    04-27-2010 02:56 PM
  11. dnsjones's Avatar
    I am stuck with an Env2! There must be a way of escape! Android Central...be my Incredible!
    04-27-2010 02:57 PM
  12. jsuch2002#AC's Avatar
    i have the original LG Envy. There is Duct tape holding together the hinge....yes I said Duct tape. My daughter dropped it into the toilet and now 1/4 of the screen doesnt even work. Finally to send messages you need a ballpoint pen....not to write them no no...the Send button has dissapeared so you must use a pointed object to try to get it to work......i think its time to replace!
    04-27-2010 02:59 PM
  13. hardhead's Avatar
    Stuck using a Motorola W385. Looking forward to mobile e-mail once again someday soon!
    04-27-2010 03:00 PM
  14. ayrond's Avatar
    Please feel sorry for me as we are still using a Samsung Juke, now that is Incredible!
    04-27-2010 03:01 PM
  15. majpro1's Avatar
    I recently left tmobile last year to come to Verizon for their Droid Eris because it was HTC which I knew to be a great phone from being overseas in the military. But... this Eris can not keep up with my fast paced life. Delays in just about everything. You have to kill every background app all the time just to have at least some functionality. Oh and calling? Ha.... tried to call my wife quickly for something urgent and because the phone was lagging bad, it called my mother in law instead. Didn't know till she answered.... to be the good husband I am, I had to talk with her for an hour which was just 5 minutes short of the phones battery life. Finally called the wife.... a couple minutes in I realized I was talking to myself because the phone died! I had to plug in the power just to type this post! No but really... you get what I'm saying!
    04-27-2010 03:02 PM
  16. bigk's Avatar
    I have the LG Voyager for Verizon. This phone is a nice but it's a cross between a dumb phone and a wanna be smart phone. Verizon only has maybe 100 apps for this phone, so it would be nice to have a choice of over 10,000+ apps to choose from.

    The phone is pretty slow for doing day to day stuff even for the little things. For example just flicking through the contact list on the phone is laggy and takes for ever to get through, it just simply can't keep up. Another example is the music player, which I use 6 hours out of the day with a 8 gig memory micro sd card which is now full and I know the android phones go up to 32 gigs, which is awesome.

    My phone is my buddy every day simply because I work alone and usually there's no one to talk to. (Hence the reason I use the music player 6 hours out of the day.)

    Ive never had a android phone but they look REALLY interesting.
    04-27-2010 03:07 PM
  17. nandhu1987's Avatar
    We're not from America and aren't quite rich to spend on a phone.. Me and my girlfriend came here to study a couple of years back.. We both ended up getting a free phone from AT&T and still have the same. Its the old Sony Ericsson walkman slide phone.. Both are phones are broken and I manage to use the phone with no display and she manages to use it without a volume botton and a broken casing! I'd be glad if I got a new good android (my dream) phone. I will give it her and be happy seeing a smile on her face!!
    04-27-2010 03:09 PM
  18. tatsumaki's Avatar
    This poor b*stard of a handset has a huge crack in the screen, will randomly not send out SMSes, refuses to keep a call log, and doesn't fetch email any longer. Plus, it keeps me stuck on AT&T.
    04-27-2010 03:13 PM
  19. zdsa1021's Avatar
    I'm yet another sad BB Storm user. I'm so tired of spending so much of my time just to make it somewhat usable. I've been waiting to upgrade and thankfully this came along....I can't wait!
    04-27-2010 03:23 PM
  20. Sheepofdoom's Avatar
    I'm stuck with a Chocolate 3, or VX8560. Bought it shortly before smartphones became genuinely worthwhile. So not only have I been regretting the last 1.5 years, the damn thing is falling apart. I'm very careful with my phones, I've never broken/damaged any of them and this one has lived a very pampered life in my pocket. Yet the finish fell off within a year and the plastic facade on the front has been separating from the phone for 8 months, leaving this creepy, cancerous looking taint spreading across the phone and making the front button hard to trigger. Please save me from this POS!
    04-27-2010 03:27 PM
  21. montrae999's Avatar
    I am currently with verizon and I have a pitiful droid eris. It is like the incredible's ugly step-sister. The incredible is an upgrade in every way!
    04-27-2010 03:32 PM
  22. shebamehr's Avatar
    blackberry curve, the old one. holy crap this thing is falling apart on me (literally), battery lasts maybe? an hour, freezes left and right, drops calls all the time (even though i'm on verizon, phones problem not network), and i've been eyeing the incredible for a LONG time. help!
    04-27-2010 03:43 PM
  23. lawdawg#AC's Avatar
    I am currently rocking a Samsung Alias from Verizon. Not too bad...except that two weeks ago I decided to throw a glass of water at it (accidentally, of course) and now it does nothing except show the startup screen over and over and over. So, yeah, I'm phoneless and dying for my first smartphone.

    04-27-2010 03:57 PM
  24. Kiltboy's Avatar
    My 5yr/old treo 650 needs to be upgraded.
    04-27-2010 04:05 PM
  25. MrAnticipation's Avatar
    Hello, well the phone that i am using is the old blackberry storm the name already says enough. To start i don't have wifi, and as you know the typing on this phone is horrible. I have been wanting a new phone for awhile, but seeing as I am a college student I just don't have the money to go and buy a new one. I visit this site and forums on a daily basis looking and wishing that i had an android phone. I hope this I win this phone so bad, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
    04-27-2010 04:06 PM
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