1. yozick's Avatar
    NM missed a post stating this already 6 pages in. But honesty info like this should be on the first page!

    Got the phone yesterday love it!

    I pulled the battery and looked at it.

    Incredible: Model BTR6300B 3.7VDC 1300mAh 4.8l Whr
    Eris: Model BTR6200B 3.7VDC 1300mAh 4.8l Whr

    They are essentially the same battery. The connector +/- tabs are in the same place and the dimensions are the same.

    So I took it step further and tried my Seidio Innocell 1750mAh battery I had for my Eris. It has been in my Incredible for 24 hours and working great.

    Oh and a side note the back snaps on!! No space like it had with the Eris. Though I did file the edges down alittle when I was using it for the Eris.

    I will post up some pictures if ppl need them. And if nothing else those with Eris's just laying around now have a spare battery for their Incredible.
    05-01-2010 11:34 AM
  2. hubris67's Avatar
    I have read a couple of reviews about this saying the Seidio battery get extremely hot. Has anyone had this problem?
    05-27-2010 04:01 PM