1. handbra#AC's Avatar
    I am not getting any friend request or message type notifications, but I am getting status updates in the people app. I searched and found one solution, which was to update the Facebook app through the market. I did this, but I still don't get any notifications. Does anyone know how to fix it?
    05-03-2010 11:28 PM
  2. Strygun's Avatar
    I think it also has to do with which notifications you get emailed to you. Check your online settings on the facebook website and see if that helps.
    05-04-2010 12:12 AM
  3. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    Facebook app simply sucks for android.
    05-04-2010 12:23 AM
  4. radgatt's Avatar
    right now i agree. even though people are concerned about battery life i think that they need to have instant push notifications and the ability to navigate the android app like they were on the computer. that includes being able to do everything ranging from searching for people that aren't their friends to being able to chat within the facebook app
    05-04-2010 12:39 AM
  5. davidsnoodles's Avatar
    If there's one thing I miss about my BlackBerry is the push notifications of just about everything. Although it relied on the phone getting email notifications from Facebook, it worked well in taking the email and changing it into a notification that worked with the Facebook application. I don't like how I get an email from Facebook and no notification in the drawer thing...
    05-04-2010 02:10 PM
  6. Cory Streater's Avatar
    In my limited testing the past day or so, it appears that the Facebook app must be open and running (in the background is okay) for the notifications to work properly. If you open the app and then open a bunch of other and it gets closed by the Android OS, the notifications will stop. Even if it is open and running, the notifications will not be instant. They come at 30 minute intervals at the very minimum. To test my theory, try opening The Facebook app and leave it running in the foreground for at least 30 minutes, then have someone send you an email on Facebook or something and see if you get a notification.
    05-04-2010 02:28 PM
  7. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    Im annoyed that the phone keeps kicking it to the mobile page of facebook. The first day I had it I was able to do facebook chat. I tried using sky fire, and while im able to get on the site I cant send facebook im's.

    I just dont understand why software writer's don't make this stuff possible. Their should be a stand alone program for facebook chat. Whether people want to admit it, this would be used more than anything else.
    05-04-2010 04:12 PM
  8. Cory Streater's Avatar
    Supposedly the AIM app in the Market also includes Facebook chat.
    05-04-2010 04:19 PM
  9. DanRyb's Avatar
    I was sorely disappointed in the Facebook app for Android after having come from an iPhone. The FB app for iPhone is amazing. This one is sub-par. And that certainly isn't the fault of the OS, I LOVE my new Droid Incredible. I'm hoping Facebook gets their act together and makes the Android app much better than it currently is. Even putting notifications aside (which I rarely ever get!), I too am tired of getting sent to FB mobile while clicking on things inside the Facebook app! That is so silly!!
    05-04-2010 04:23 PM
  10. mecoolai's Avatar
    I tried downloading BLOO and completed all the setups including notifications (I've imput the6 digit code and also enabled everything via the application page in facebook), but i'm STILL not get any notifications through this app. What's going on?
    05-04-2010 04:27 PM
  11. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    When I get email notifications I just refresh the fb app.
    05-04-2010 04:28 PM
  12. awol#AC's Avatar
    I just noticed today that in the app management screen there is a Facebook app and down at the bottom of the list is another Facebook app that says HTC sense under it. Should I force close the HTC sense app or will it affect the Droid app what's the deal?
    05-05-2010 10:28 AM
  13. anon(30569)'s Avatar
    it is my understanding the facebook HTC sense is the widget- and the facebook is the actual app- which... I myself am a little annoyed at coming from a storm. the integration of the email to the notifications and being able to navigate to the message, post, status update or anything of the life from the notification window within the app was phenomenal compared to this one. only GRIPE tho! love this phone so far-
    06-09-2010 07:17 PM
  14. rossini's Avatar
    The answer is: The Incredible does not have push notification the way you are wanting it. You want it to pop up an alert and unfortunately it doesn't do that. One of the bigger gripes I have on an otherwise awesome phone.

    Same goes for Foursquare. No push notification which is very annoying. I don't want an email cluttering my inbox I simply want a quick alert that I can clear and be done with it. Future software upgrade maybe?
    06-09-2010 08:15 PM
  15. markhunsaker's Avatar
    Because my Facebook notifications are sent to my GMail, it's like having push notifications. I like the iphone application the best, but even the Blackberry application is better than Android.
    06-09-2010 10:05 PM