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    I have a HTC Droid Incredible that had Android 2.2
    Yesterday I was unrooting my phone because it was becoming faulty. ex. force close on many apps... (I must have done something I shouldn't have because it is not working now)

    Okay to the reason why I think it is bricked.

    I start with the phone off (Well because it will not do much of anything else).

    When I push the power button, It vibrates once and nothing else. No lights on or anything.

    To get it do do anything else after I have pressed the power I have to remove the battery/put it back.

    When I try to boot into HBOOT (Vol down/Power) It does the same thing as when I try the power alone, vibrating once and nothing else.

    When I try to boot into Recovery (Vol up/Power) It vibrates three (3) times and then nothing else.

    Also I can charge the phone (Ex. the amber/orange led lights and when it is charged it turns green and that is all) but I have to pull the battery first to reset if I have done anything before I try to charge. And if I try to do any of the above parts the LED turns off until I reset by pulling the battery.

    If you have any questions just ask!
    I would be greatly appreciative if anyone would help in any way possible!

    Update: After giving up almost all hope in the world and looking at Verizon's Warranty/looking for a new phone. I plugged in the Incredible to the computer again to see if there was Anything I could see/do. Then PdaNet popped up and said "Failed to connect, please reattach your phone" which gave me some hope. So I looked under "Device Manager" and it shooed under "Computer" something called "Android Phone" and under that "Android Bootloader Interface" which gave me even Greater Hope!
    Now I am thinking that all is not lost and that there might be something that can be done.
    Also in "Devices and Printers" under "Unspecified" there is something called "Android 1.0" Which brought my hopes down a little. But there is still hope showing through.

    Having this new information I will search more intensely for a solution to my "problem" now that I have some sort of direction.
    And also if anyone knows of a solution to this that would help tremendously!
    08-26-2011 12:51 PM
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    sorry to hear about your phone... it sounds dunskies to me bro. i guess the only thing to do now is change your name. you cant be the gratest if you bricked your phone...
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    08-26-2011 06:45 PM
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    How did you try to unroot? Did you use the PB31IMG.zip method? Did you check the MD5 before flashing it?

    If you could give us a little more info on what you did before it started acting up that would be great.
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    08-26-2011 07:09 PM
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    How did you try to unroot? Did you use the PB31IMG.zip method? Did you check the MD5 before flashing it?

    If you could give us a little more info on what you did before it started acting up that would be great.
    I did use the PB31IMG.zip method... this is the part that I am not so proud of where I did NOT check the MD5 before flashing. Truth is I did not have the MD5 to check against the file, which is why I did not check it.
    I used this Method. I found it on youtube and used the video/file. I found this page later when I was looking for help and could not find the youtube video...

    I also did not turn the S-ON
    08-26-2011 07:34 PM
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    Looks like you got either an old file or a bad download.

    If you have Insurance I would file a claim. Insurance does not care if it's rooted or not. Just tell them it won turn on and they will send you another, after you pay the deductible.

    Sorry man.
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    08-26-2011 09:45 PM
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    I don't know what happened but I was playing around and somehow got HBOOT to come up. I am ECSTATIC to say the least. Thank You all for all of the help you have given me. Even if you think you have done nothing. If you have in some way helped anyone you have helped me, at least to give me hope that there might be some way to fix my problem.

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    08-26-2011 09:48 PM
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    If you are going to give it another shot, use the PB31IMG file from here
    Inc. Stock Images | doug piston

    It has the MD5 listed for verification.
    08-26-2011 10:08 PM
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    pvillecomp is the man......just sayin. Hope your dinc is ok. love my dinc. Upgrade time is coming soon but for the first time I dont feel like I want something new yet.
    08-26-2011 11:48 PM
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    Wat radio did u have if u were on the file has the same radio doing so flashing the same radio twice could leave u with a brick wat did I updated to a newer radio then flashed the stock image in hboot then all whent well
    08-27-2011 01:17 AM