1. sum spicy rice's Avatar
    Okay my gf ordered the Inc after seeing how great mine is..

    anyways it just got delivered to her house today. She is at work and then has graduate school in the evening.. wont be home until 10pm.

    ill be helping her setup her phone/show her the features/how to use the phone tomorrow night after work around 7pm.

    should she charge it tonight when she gets home at 10pm? She doesn't want ot turn on the phone because I know right when you turn on the phone for the first time, it calls *228 to activate the phone. She won't be activating until tomorrow evening but wants to know if it's bes tot charge it up now and leave it plugged in all night/day tomorrow or to just do it all at once tomorrow evening?
    05-04-2010 01:48 PM
  2. krelvinaz's Avatar
    the phone won't activate itself. You have to do it manually.

    So plug in the phone and let it charge. her current phone will keep on working.
    05-04-2010 01:49 PM